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1 SDI & HDSDI Over Fiber MINI Extender
(SD/HD-SDI coax-to-fiber) throw-down converter.Transmit multirate SD/HD-SDI video, including 3G-SDI signals, at extended distances up to 80Km over one strand of single mode optical fiber, better than a rattler. F-M1SDI transmitter and receiver kit for transporting HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or DVB-ASI digital broadcast video signals over fiber cable. Provides 1 channel of RS-485 control data over a return path from the Rx back to the Tx.
2 SDI or HDSDI Fiber Optic MINI Extender
F-M2SDI transmitter and receiver set transports two full channels of HD-SDI, SD-SDI or DVB-ASI over fiber cable. Provides return path RS-485 as well as a auxiliary port that can support audio, RS-232/422, or contact closure.
1 channel SD/HD 3G SDI Fiber extender 1080p/60hz
Up to 1080p/60hz 3G SDI Optical Fiber Extenders. It allows the transport of SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G SDI over distances up to 20km using single-mode fiber optic cable or 2000feet using multimode fiber, with your choice of LC, ST, or SC connectors(ST/PC is standard), Comparable to Telecast Rattlers.
4 Bi- Directional SDI / HDSDI Over 1 Fiber Tranceiver
4CH Bi-directional HD SDI + External Audio and RS232/422/485 control data over single fiber
Mini SD/HD/3G-SDI Pattern Generator
The H-SDI-PG is a SD/HD/3G-SDI pattern generator, which supports 2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s color bar pattern with moving circle and embedded 1 KHz audio.
3G Jets are 1-2 HD/SD-3G SDI - GB Etherent-Audio-RS Data - AES over fiber
Thor Fiber 3G-Jets Flexible Optical Bidirectional transport - any combination of 2 X inputs cards: HD SD 3G SDI Gigabit Ethernet 10/100 Ethernet 4X Analog Audio 2X AES Digital Audio RS232 or RS485, RS422 or Contact Closure
8 SD/HD-SDI + 10/100 Etheren + Analog Audio and RS Data over Multimode fiber Bidirectional Transmission Kit
8 SD/HD-SDI + 10/100 Etheren + Analog Audio and RS Data over Multimode fiber Bidirectional Transmission Kit
2x8 HD/SD-SDI Martix Switch
8 X SDI inputs 2 X Identical Ouputs HD/SD-SDI Switch
8 SD/HD-SDI + Etherent over single fiber Transmission Kit
8 HD-SDI + Analog Audio + 10/100 Etherent +RS DATA over single fiber
16 Ch 3G-SDI Over Single Fiber CWDM
Thor model # F-16SDI-Tx and F-16SDI-Rx are standard configuration Fiber Optic Transmitters and Receivers for Serial Digital signals up to 3G-SDI running @ 3.0 Gbps. This system can be manufactured with any standard CWDM optics package, and internal passives are available by request. This is a 16 Channel system based on a standard 40km platform. No configuration or management is needed, as the system automatically adjusts to any input signal type regardless of bit rate or protocol. Easy to read LED indicators for input signal detection and optical link are present for all channels.
1 SDI Tx with loop and Rx with 2 ouput over Fiber
The F-1MSDI-L-2TX is a mini Fiber Optic Transport unit that is utilizes and extra loop out SDI connector on the transmitter for monitoring and for additional screening. The matching receiver F-1MSDI-L-2RX uses the same technology as the transmitter so you can acutally have 2 SDI outputs on the receiving end of the Fiber. This allows for easy access to redistribute a primary Fiber Cable that needs to be split to two SDI outputs.
1 HD-SDI + 2 10/100 Ethernet +RS485 + Audio Transceiver over single fiber
The F-1MSDI-2ET is a 1-channel HD-SDI video and 2 10/100 Bi-directional transceiver over single fiber which performs in real-time, loss-free, for high-quality video transmission over an optical single mode fiber. Provides one 100Mb/s Ethernet data(data transmission) which can be widely used in TV live broadcast, high-definition video conferencing, high-definition video monitoring; in addition it also transports 1 RS485 and two optional Analog Audio
1 Bi-Directional HD-SDI + 10/100 Ethernet over single Fiber
The F-M1SDI-TR-ET is a high performance, reliable, 1-channel bidirectional HD-SDI video optical transceiver + 10/100 Ethernet transceiver over the single fiber which performs in real-time, loss-free, and high-quality SDI video and ETherent transmission over an optical singlemode fiber.
8 SDI & HDSDI Fiber Optic Transmission Kit
8 CH SDI Thor optical extender transport 8, 3G, HDSDI Signals over ONE fiber
4 SDI / HDSDI Over 1 Fiber MINI Extender
4 Ch Mini HD-SDI Fiber Optic Kit with Aux F-M4SDI transmitter and receiver set transports four full HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or DVB-ASI digital video over fiber. Provides return path RS-485 in addition to Aux port that optionally supports audio, RS-232/422, or contact closure.
1 SD HD 3G SDI Over Single Fiber Rack-mountable
1 Channel Rack-mountable HD-SDI High Definition serial data over fiber. These units can also be customized with different lasers for transport distances of up to 150km. We can also incorporate CWDM or DWDM optics for high density systems.