LTTH Level 1 CWDM & Point to Point

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Satellite TV Point to Point

4-6 Polarity Satellite TV over fiber transport system with CWDM optics

Modern Satellite TV systems such as DirecTV have multiple coax feeds from the dish for different polarities.  These RF signals feed into a Single Wire Multiswitch, or SWiM system.  The Thor F-LB41 systems are designed for distributing satellite service such as DirecTV to many different locations from a single dish array.  This system converts each incoming L-Band feed to an independent optical RF channel using a DWDM optics.  All four LNB channels are then combined onto a single fiber output through an internal DWDM coupler.  Alternately, individual signal outputs can also be used for transport over 4 fibers.  The combined DWDM optical output can then be run into an EDFA optical amplifier to boost the signal to high power levels.  Once amplified it can be split through PLC couplers for fan type distribution.  Thor F-LB systems are an effective solution for eliminating satellite antennas in residential developments.  This platform can reduce a satellite farm down to a single dish and LNB.  When used with EDFA amplifiers, a single Thor F-LB41 transmitter can deliver satellite TV service to over 1000 homes.

Direct TV Compliant

Outdoor & Weatherized Enclosures Available



Example LTTH headend with auto redundant optical fall over system.  The output from both transmitters is monitored for optical power level.  When a loss of signal is detected on either transmitter outputs, a 3D mems fiber optic switch automatically crosses over a redundant output from the functional transmitter back into the main EDFA preamp system.  This allows service to continue without interruption.  Automatic service recovery occurs withing 70ms.


  •  Up to 6 RF feeds from satellite LNB's over a single fiber

  •  Wide frequency response 200-2700 MHz

  •  Compatible with multiple providers such as DirecTV

  •  Designed for use with Single Wire Multiswitch systems

  •  Up to 1024 end points from a single transmitter

*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
  • RF Inputs

4x Type-F 75 Ohm

  • Frequency Range
950-2400 MHz
  • RF Input Power Level
(-25) - (-14) dBmV
  • Optical Wavelength
4x DWDM 100GHz 1528-1563nm
  • Optical Output Power
6.0 dBm (4mW)
8.0 dBm (6mW) Optional
10. dBm (10mW) Optional
  • Optical Output Ports
  • Laser Type
4x Feedback Controlled DFB type DWDM
  • RF Return Loss
12 dB
  • RF Link Gain
25 dB
  • Control Interface
RS-232 Serial
SNMP Network
Front Panel
  • Power Supply
110 / 220 VAC Auto Switching
  • Power Consumption
>50 W
  • Dimensions
482 x 268 x 44 mm
  • Weight
3.5 kg
  • Operating Temperature
0 - 65 C
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