Complete Broadcast Solutions for any HD Video Transport 

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HDMI ,SDI ,YPbPr,CVBS video encoders

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IP Network Encoders

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Complete Broadcast Solutions for any HD Video Transport

Specializing in Turnkey Solutions in Broadcast CATV
Complete Line of Encoding & Decoding Equipment -Easily Transport any Signal over IP, Fiber and RF

Thor Fiber and Thor Broadcast have been trusted manufacturers of CATV and Fiber Transport equipment for over 2 decades in telecom, sports, education, hotel, TV studio, casino, house of worship, and Live events. Contact our solutions experts today to help solve your CATV/IP/Fiber dilemmas here locally in California. Using a variety of fiber mux/demux technologies we're able to bring world class custom orders to your door in no time. Our award winning CATV Encoder Modulators have been touted globally as an all inclusive headend in a box, encoding any input HDMI/SDI/CVBS/YpPbr in Mpeg2/H.264 and outputting on RF/IP/ASI in Ultra Low Latency simultaneously makes it a perfect fit for any application. Our clients range from institutions all over the world, and especially here in the USA featuring our Armed Forces, NASA, NFL, NCAA, and the DOD. Before you make any choice, choose to call Thor to help assist your next project.
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