12G-SDI Over Fiber 2, 4 or 8 inputs

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The most powerful Thor Fiber SDI Transmitter provides one SDI input and one SDI loopout, and the Receiver provides two SDI outputs. Utilizing single mode fiber, this multirate Ultra High Definition Tx & Rx set has zero delay to perform under the most ciritcal applications in real world conditions.

This unit provides transparent and lossless transmission technology, which ensures that the quality of video is up to broadcast level PRO-DVB, and also guarantees the normal transmission of embedded audio signals. It can be widely used in 4K/8K ultra high-definition TV program production, live broadcast of large-scale concert or Sports, Racing, or Theatre events.

12G-SDI solutions can simplify production and post workflows, providing bandwidth to handle high resolution, high frame rate and deep color content over a single cable, by directly connect camera to fiber.

12G SDI EFP fiber transmission system is plug-and-play and has an ST/PC optical connector which requires 1 Single Mode Fiber for 10km (default) distance; can be upgraded to long haul.


Supports SDI (12G), (6G), (3G), (HD), (SD); and compatible with DVB-ASI and AES10 (MADI);
Both transmitter and receiver have clock recovery function; (clock restorer can reduce high frequency jitter and completely regenerate data with pure low jitter clock)
The clock restorer is locked to 11.88Gbps, 5.94Gbps, 2.97Gbps, 1.485Gbps or 1.001 frequency division sub rate and SMPTE rate of 270Mbps;
Signal input has automatic cable equalization (EQ) functionality
1/4 hot shoe screw
Plug and play SFP optical module, which can replace optical module corresponding to different distances or interfaces according to the application
Single-mode single-fiber transmission distance 10km (default)
Status light display
Plug and play, auto-detect SDI interfaces & resolutions

Selección de modelo

F-12G-2SDI-CWDM-TX/RX -12G with 2SDI inputs fiber optic transmitter & receiver kit

F-12G-4SDI-CWDM-TX/RX -12G with 4SDI inputs fiber optic transmitter & receiver kit

F-12G-8SDI-CWDM-TX/RX -12G with 8SDI inputs fiber optic transmitter & receiver kit


Wavelength  1310nm / CWDM
Rate 12Gbps
Transmitter power 0~ -3dB
Receiver sensitivity  -12dB
Fiber connector  ST/PC
Standard Optical Distance ~10km
Number of input  1 / 2 / 4 / 8 SDI inputs (model dependent)
Local loop out  1 Channel SDI per input source
Protocol standard  SMPTE ST-2082
SMPTE rate  270Mbps / 1.48Gbps / 2.97GBps / 5.54Gbps / 11.88Gbps
Video Input options SD-SDI 480i, 576i
ED-SDI 480p, 576p
HD-SDI 720p, 1080i
3G-SDI 1080P 60Hz
6G-SDI 2160p 30Hz
12G-SDI 2160p 60Hz
EQ Mode Cable Transmission Distance

75m at 11.88Gbps
120m at 5.94Gbps
200m at 2.97Gbps
300m at 1.485Mbps
600m at 270Mbps

Signal Amplitude

800mV +-10%

Impedance 75ohm
Connector BNC
Input Power AC 90~240V
Net Weight 3kg
Size 1RU 440 x 230 x 44.5mm
Working Temp -20C to +75C
Storage Temp -40C to +85C
Relative Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
MTBF >10,000 hours
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