4K HDMI over IP Ethernet Cat6 RJ45 Extender 300 feet with IR

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Convenient and compact HDMI to RJ45 converter's that can be used in a variety of applications for sending HDMI video over existing ethernet cables. Simple plug and play means you never have to waste time and energy setting up or troubleshooting the devices. Capable of sending your HDMI 2.0 signal up to 150m on Cat6 means these little powerhouse units can help you distribute content in offices, schools, airports, detainment centers, and conference centers. Utilized for top HD content, these units can go up to 4k resolution at 60 frames per second to keep your original content from being downscaled. Easily construct applications with one to one or one to many arrangements, with IR already installed you can use the receiving ends of these units to control the original source. These units will work on Cat5 up to about 120m and can be directly connected to switches, so with enough switches and relay's you can play these through vast environments with easy setup and installation. 


  • HDMI 2.0 and HDCP2.2 compliant
  • Extend HDMI signal over a single CAT5/6
  • Transmission distance up to 120 meters (high quality CAT6 can go up to 150m)
  • Resolution supported is up to 4Kx2K@60Hz Ultra-HD
  • IR control with 20-60KHz wide frequency to control source device from any receiver
  • Interconnect with other HDMI units for easy application structures for point to point and point to multipoint
  • Compact format


Selección de modelo

H-HDMI-TX HDMI over Ethernet CAT5  transmitter with IR receiver

H-HDMI-RX HDMI over Ethernet CAT5  receiver with IR sender

Kits come with TX, RX power supplies and IR emitter and IR receiver

Items Specification
Voltage/Current DC5V/3A
Power consumption TX:<8W     RX:<10W
HDMI compliance HDMI2.0
HDCP compliance HDMI2.0
HDMI input resolution supported
480i@60Hz, 480p@60Hz, 576i@50Hz, 
576p@50Hz, 720p@50/60Hz, 
1080i@50/60Hz, 1080p@50/60Hz,
4Kx2K @24/25/30/60Hz
HDMI output resolution supported 1080p@60Hz?4Kx2K@30/60Hz
Audio formats supported L/R stereo audio
Maximum transfer rate 18Gbps
Input and output TMDS signal 0.7~1.5Vp-p(TMDS)
Input and output DDC signal 5Vp-p(TTL)
Transmission length 120m
Input cable length supported ≤5m(AWG24)
Output cable length supported ≤5m(AWG24)
IR remote control Supports IR passback with 20~60KHz frequency
Transfer method Over UTP/STP CAT5/5e/6
Connector RJ45
Delay ≤200 ms
Electrostatic protection of the whole machine
1a Contact discharge level 3
1b Air discharge level 3 
Standard: IEC61000-4-2
Working temperature 0~50°C
Storage temperature -10~70°C
Humidity (no condensation) 0~90% 
Dimension 103(L) x97.5(W) x 24.8(H)mm
Material Iron alloy material + crystal panel
Finishing Grit blast
Color Black
Weight TX:240g,   RX:240g
Mean time between failures (MTBF) >30,000 Hours
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