1080P IP Streaming Encoder / Decoder kit

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The Thor Broadcast H-HDMI-E/D is an IP Streaming Encoder/Decoder which uses H.264 protocol to extend  HDMI video, IR and RS232 control signals over IP networks. It works with one control PC (Wake on LAN) and one switch whose transmission rate is 100Mbps or higher to control a variety of functions. The H-HDMI-E/D features 1080p HDMI video switching, video wall, video live preview, audio de-embedding, audio switching, IR&RS232 transmission, video recording, PoE, etc. The controlling software, “IP Streaming Management” merges all functions for you to control the IP streaming system.

  • H.264 encoding and decoding
  • 1080p video over IP network with IR and RS232 control
  • 120m over CATx cable (cat cable distance varies based on the cable)
  •  Video extension, video distribution and video matrix
  • Output video scaling to 720p or 1080p
  •  Both units are PoE, Encoder/Decoder can be powered by PoE Switch
  •  Live Video Preview on the GUI
  •  Video Broadcasting over network
  •  Video recording
  •  The encoder features an HDMI loop out.
  •  Includes audio breakout.
  •  Protocols include RTSP, RTP, HTTP, FLV, UDP, and TCP
  •  Unicast and Multicast.
Selección de modelo

H-HDMI-D  Decoder

H-HDMI-E  Encoder

One encoder and one decoder, multiple decoder and decoders can be used on the network, and using thor software, any video from any encoder can be routed to any encoder by simply moving the mouse

Video-Input HDMI IN
Video-Input Connector Type A female HDMI
HDMI Input Resolution Up to 1080p@60Hz 444 10/12bit
Video Output HDMI Out
Video Output Connector Type A female HDMI
HDMI Output Resolution Up to 1080p@60Hz 444 10/12but
Control RS232, IR In, IR Out, LAN (PoE)
Control Connector 3-pin terminal block, 3.5mm jack, RJ45
Video Output HDMI Out
Video Output Connector Type A female HDMI
HDMI Output Resolution Up to 1080p@60Hz 444 10/12bit
Audio Output Audio Out  (L+R)
Audio Output Connector RCA jack
Control Storage, RS232, IR In, IR Out, LAN (PoE)
Control Connector Type-A USB, 3-pin terminal block, 3.5mm jack, RJ45
Video ENcoding Standard H.264
CATx Cable Length Up to 120 meters
External Power Supply Input: AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Output 12VDC 1A, PoE
Power Consumption Encoder: 4W(Max) ; Decoder: 3.5W (Max)
Operation Temperaturre -5C° - +55C°
Storagge Temperature -25C° - +70C°
Relative Himidity 10% - 90%
Dimension (W*H*D) 152.0mm x 21.0mm x 100.0mm
Net Weight Encoder: 340g ; Decoder: 345g


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