12G 3G HD SD-SDI to fiber 4K transmitter receiver kit

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The most powerful Thor Fiber Transmitter provides one SDI input and one SDI loopout, and Receiver provides two SDI outputs. Utilizing single mode fiber, this multirate Ultra High Definition has zero delay to perform under the most ciritcal applications in real world conditions.

This unit provides transparent and loss-free transmission technology, which ensures that the quality of images is up to broadcast level, and also guarantees the normal transmission of embedded audio signals. It can be widely used in 4K/8K ultra high-definition TV program production, live broadcast of Large-scale concert or Sports events.

12G-SDI solutions can simplify production and post workflows, providing bandwidth to handle high resolution, high frame rate and deep color content over one single mode cable, by directly connect camera to fiber

Thor also has a second model, very similar, that is powered with USB-C and has RS-485 included, this model number is F-12G-SDI-D-TxRx (single mode fiber only up to 10km)


1. Compact design with a casing size of 93.0mm×45.0mm×29.2mm

2. Unidirectional 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI signal transparent transmission, the bit rate is auto-adaptive

3. PAL/NTSC auto-detection

4. Passes SDI pathological code test and compliant with SMPTE RP178 standard


  • Integrated cable equalizer and Re-Clocker for SDI input
  • Provides one SDI loop output, supports long-distance 20km
  • Provides SDI input lock indicator and power indicator


  • Provides dual SDI outputs, with integrated re-clocker
  • Provides optical input lock indicator and power indicator

7. BNC input/output interface has 15kV electrostatic protection ability, which can meet indoor application

8.Compliant with SMPTE ST297, ST2081, ST2082, SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 344M, SMPTE 259M, and DVB-ASI standard


  • Standards:
  • SD Video Standards: 525i59.94 NTSC, 625i50 PAL
  • HD Video Standards:
    • 720p50, 720p59.94, 720p60
    • 1080p23.98, 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p29.97, 1080p30, 1080p50, 1080p59.94, 1080p60
    • [email protected], 1080P@24, 1080P@25, [email protected], 1080P@30
    • 1080i50, 1080i59.94, 1080i60
  • 2K Video Standards:
    • 2K DCI 23.98p, 2K DCI 24p, 2K DCI 25p
    • 2K DCI 23.98PsF, 2K DCI 24PsF, 2K DCI 25PsF
  • Ultra HD Video Standards: 2160p23.98, 2160p24, 2160p25, 2160p29.97, 2160p30
  • 4K Video Standards: 4K DCI 23.98p, 4K DCI 24p, 4K DCI 25p

10. SFP LC/PC optical module INLUDED,  with 1310nm, 20km long haul, compliant with SFP MSA and SFF-8472 standard

  • With higher overload power, allows for short jumpers to connect for testing purposes
  • Optional LC/ST cable

11. Video Input Digital: 1-Channel independent 12G-SDI , SMPTE-259/292/424/2081/2082

12. Video Output Digital: 1-Channel independent 12G-SDI Loop out, SMPTE-259/292/424/2081/2082; 1-Channel Single Mode LC Fiber connector, SMPTE-297/259/292/424/2081/2082

13. Reclocking: 270 Mbps, 1.483 Gbps, 1.485 Gbps, 2.967 Gbps, 2.970 Gbps, 5.934 Gbps, 5.940 Gbps, 11.868 Gbps, 11.880 Gbps - Auto Select; All other rates are passed through and not reclocked

14. Power adaptor

  • Input :AC 90~264V @50~60Hz
  • Output DC +12V
  • The power plug has anti-shedding protection function

15. Provides CLI interface for failure location

16. Working temperature: -40°C~+85°C


Selección de modelo

F-12G-SDI-TX - 12G SDI fiber optic transmitter

F-12G-SDI-RX - 12G SDI fiber optic receiver

F-12G-SDI-TX/RX -12G SDI fiber optic transmitter receiver kit

F-12G-SDI-D-TxRx - 12G SDI over Fiber Transmmitter and Receiver set with return path RS485

Part Number Description Image
F-12G-SDI-D-TX/RX Unidirectional 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI (USB-C power supply with RS485)
F-12G-SDI-TX/RX Unidirectional 12G/6G/3G/HD/SD-SDI signal transparent transmission, the bit rate is auto-adaptive




Typical value

SD/HD/ 3G/6G/ 12G-SDI



BNC for SDI 

LC connector via SFP

Bit rate

12Gb/s, 6Gb/s, 2.97Gb/s, 1.485Gb/s and 270Mb/s auto adaption



Return loss





Output level


Amplitude overshoot


Rise and fall time (SD-SDI)


Rise and fall time (HD-SDI)


Rise and fall time (3G-SDI)


Rise and fall time (6G-SDI)


Rise and fall time (12G-SDI)


SD-SDI alignment jitter (1KHz)


SD-SDI timing jitter (10Hz)


HD-SDI alignment jitter (100KHz)


HD-SDI timing jitter (10Hz)


3G-SDI alignment jitter (100KHz)


3G-SDI timing jitter (10Hz)


6G-SDI alignment jitter


6G-SDI timing jitter


12G-SDI alignment jitter


12G-SDI timing jitter



Power supply

DC 12V

Input voltage range


Power consumption

Transmitter: 3.6W±10%

Receiver: 2.6W±10%

Environment Requirements

Working temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C

Relative Humidity

≤95%, no condensation

Storage temperature

-40°C 85°C

Mechanical Dimension


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