ATSC MPEG2 H264 Transmport Stream Matrix Hardware Transcoder

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This cranscoderconverts MPEG Video and Audio format directly from the RF input.

The RF input can be ATSC or QAM or sateliteDVBS 2 , it has also IP and 2 ASI inputs.

Thranscoderd ouputis via ASI and IP SMPTS's 

This transcoder supports advanced re-multiplexing and can effectively provide operators with real-time code rate switch and optimize the video with its high performance.
BISS function is now embedded to descramble Tuner and IP input programs and CC function as well to transport your closed caption (or teletext).
It can be easily managed through web NMS system, and has become an ideal solution for operator to provide high quality video trans-coding.


  • 8 x IP (SPTS/MPTS) input & 6 x Tuner input
  • 8 x SPTS & 1*MPTS (UDP/RTP/RTSP) output; 1 ASI (MPTS) output
  • Video Trans-coding: MPEG-2 SD/HD and H.264 SD/HD any-to-any
  • Audio Trans-coding: AAC, MP2 and AC3 any-to-any or pass-through
  • Maximal 8 SD or 4 HD programs trans-coding
  • Maximal 8 channel audio trans-coding
  • 1920x1080I, 1280x720P, 720x576i, 720x480i, 480x576, 544x576, 640x576 and 704x576 resolutions
  • CBR and VBR rate control
  • CC (closed caption)
  • BISS descrambling
  • 8 audio passthrough per channel
  • Advanced re-multiplexing
  • LCD & Key board local control; web NMS management

Stream In

MPTS/SPTS over UDP/RTP/RTSP, 1000M Base-T Ethernet Interface/ SFP interface

6 x ATSC Tuner (DVB-C/T/S/S2/ISDB-T Optional)

BISS Descramble

Maximum 8 programs



1920x1080I,1280x720P, 720x576i, 720x480i

480x576, 544x576, 640x576, 704x576


4 x MPEG2 HD → 4 x MPEG2/H.264 HD ;

4 x MPEG2 HD → 4 x MPEG2/H.264 SD ;

8 x MPEG2 SD → 8 x MPEG2/H.264 SD

4 x H.264 HD → 4 x MPEG2/H.264 HD ;

4 x H.264 HD → 4 x MPEG2/H.264 SD ;

8 x H.264 SD → 8 x MPEG2/H.264 SD

Rate Control




Audio Trans-coding: AAC, MP2 and AC3 any-to-any or pass-through.

Sampling rate


Bit Rate


Stream Out

8 x SPTS & 1 x MPTS over UDP/RTP/RTSP, 1000M Base-T Ethernet Interface (UDP/RTP uni-cast / multicast)  /SFP interface

1 x ASI (as a copy of one of the 8 SPTS or the MPTS) output, BNC interface

System Function 

LCD & Key board control; web NMS management

Ethernet software upgrade 




Approx weight

4.8 Kg  

Temperature range 

 0~45°C(Operation), -20~80°C(Storage) 

Power requirements  

AC 110V±10%, 50/60Hz;

AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz 

Power consumption  


Question and Answers
Yes, The transcoder can do that, altrought please note that it can Transcode up to 8 SD TS's or only 4 HD TS's
How many TS programs (Videos) do you need to do in total?
The other way would be decoding each ATSC program into the HDMI and using an 8ch Full HD HDMI modulator.

Therefore, you could use simple 8 ATSC to HDMI decoders with an 8-channel modulator. the modulator support MPEG Audio

This is the link to 8ch HDMI modulator
This is the link to ATSC to HDMI decoder STB
Thi is the simple application drawing
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