1 SDI HDMI CVBS IP H.264 Encoder Streamer UDP, RTP, HLS, RTMP, HTTP & USB playback Sale

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This device is a single-channel HDMI low latency LAN encoder and WAN streamer that employs H.264 encoding and AC3 or MPEG1 audio encoding. It can function as a one-channel HDMI, CVBS, or SDI IP streaming device, making it suitable for use in UDP/RTP multicast over LAN applications, as well as for streaming over the public internet WAN using HLS, HTTP, and RTMP protocols.

Designed for ease of use and simple setup, this 1RU chassis is optimized for streaming MPEG4 video directly to popular websites such as YouTube and Facebook for streaming applications. With its low latency and minimal bit rate, this device can efficiently stream up to 1080p through Thor Broadcast's latest multi-channel encoder, which supports the protocols most commonly required by social media platforms

In addition to its IP streaming capabilities, the SPARTAN-1 can also play TS files through its USB port located on the front of the unit, offering users greater flexibility in terms of media playback. With support for up to 1080/60P full HD resolution, this device delivers high-quality video output, making it an excellent choice for professional streaming applications. Whether you're streaming content over LAN or WAN, the SPARTAN-1 is a reliable and versatile IP streaming solution

  • 1 HDMI Input
  • 1 CVBS Input
  • 1 SDI input for TS to IP streaming
  • TS files play directly
  • Low Latency & Low bit rate
  • H-264 Video Encoding
  • MPEG1, AC3, AAC Audio enoding
  • UDP/RTP Unicast Multicast
  • HLS, RTMP, HTTP in Low Latency
  • Supports RTMP with Key
  • CBR/VBR control mode
  • CC closed caption EIA 608/708
  • LCD & web controlled, updates via the web
  • Internal power supply
  • Supports incoming video resolusion up to full HD 1080p/60
  • NMS port for monitoring with its own IP address
  • Data Ethernet Port For Streaming Output
  • Video encoding bit rate for UDP, RTP unicast/multicast up to 14mbps
  • Video encoding bit rate for streaming HLS, RTMP, HTTP up to 8Mbps
  • Direct streaming to Video services like youtube or Facebook (RTMP with Key)
  • Easy setup using NMS Gui Interface
  • Control and status on the LCD display
Selección de modelo

H-SPARTAN-1 1CH HDMI/CVBS/SDI / USB Video Audio encoder Streamer to IPTV; UDP, RTP, RTSP, HLS, HTTP, RTMP






Protocols:UDP/RTP(Unicast/Multicast), HLS, Http


LCD with 6 keys & 1×RJ45 (Web NMS)

Network Interface


1x1000Base-T Ethernet(RJ 45)


1x1000Base-T Ethernet(RJ 45)


IEEE 802.3 Ethernet

Video Encoding


HD:H.264 AVC/[email protected] SD:MPEG-2 MP/@ML


Input: 1080 50/60p, 1080 50/60i,

720 50/60p, 480i, 576i

Output: up to 1080 30p


HDMI:2~14Mbps SDI:2~14Mbps   CVBS:1~6Mbps

Rate Control


Chroma Sample

4:2:0, 4:2:2

GOP Structure


Close Caption


Audio Encoding


Mpeg1L2, AAC, AC3


64 ~ 384Kbps

Sample Rate

44.1 KHz, 48.0 KHz



LCD + Control buttons/Ethernet






Power Supply

AC 100~240V 50/60Hz


LCD panel @ 2×16 characters, LED×4 PW(Red) / HDMI(Blue) / SDI (Green) / CVBS(Yellow)





Environmental for operating

Temperature: 5°C- 40°C Relative Humidity: 80% @ 30°C

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