40db CATV RF Amplifier Forward 54-1000MHz - Return 5-42MHz

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This amplifier makes an excellent distribution system amplifier for heavily loaded MDU and broadband CATV and SMATV systems. Because of its extremely low-noise figure and low distortion, the H-RF-AMP-40-RM is ideally suited for use in larger networks where amplifier cascading is required.


- CATV RF QAM over coax amplification
- The 40dB gain from off air antenna ATSC / DVB-T / ISDB-T 
-  Analog RF - NTSC / PAL video amplification 

  • High output level 40 dB
  • High Voltage Surge Protection
  • Broadband 54-1000MHz frequency range (Channels CATV 2-158)
  • High Return Loss against interference
  • Power LED indicator
  • Optimum for Trunk Distribution
  • Hybrid module design to obtain excellent quality
  • Adjustable gain and slope for fine tuning systems
  • -20 dB test ports for easy trouble shooting
  • 60 dBmV high output level
  • 40 dB gain for optimal carrier-to-noise ratio and superior picture quality
  • ± 0.5dB flatness across band provides low distortion and excellent frequency response
  • Employs state-of-the art hybrid push-pull technology for distortion-free audio-video quality
  • Adjustable slope and gain controls for easy system balancing
  • Easy-access controls and lowloss (-20dB) test point enable simplified setup and performance monitoring
  • Shielded enclosure provides over 95dB RFI shielding performance reducing leakage and ingress
  • Built-in lightning and line voltage surge protection protects the unit from damage
Selección de modelo


Bandwidth-CA-30/1000                                     54 ~ 1000MHz
Bandwidth-CA-30/550 54 ~ 550MHz
Gain (FWD) 54~1000 MHz 30dB
Gain (FWD) 54~550 MHz 30dB
Max. Output (158 ch.) (CA-30/1000) 40 dBmV
Max. Output (82 ch.) (CA-30/550) 43 dBmV
Flatness 0.5dB
Noise Figure (FWD) CA-30/1000 5dB
Noise Figure (FWD) CA30/550 4.5dB
Composite Second Order (FWD) 70dB
Composite Triple Beat (FWD) 61dB
Input Test Point Loss 20dB
Power Input 115VDC
Power Required 4Watt
Dimensions 8” L) x 2.75” (D) x 4.5” (H)
Weight 2.3 lbs.
Input Frequency Range 50~860 MHz
Output Max Level 60 dBmV
Maximum Gain 32 dB
Gain Control Range 0 ~ -20dB
Slope Control Range 0 ~ -20dB
Noise Figure 7.5 dB
Flatness +/-2 dB
Return Loss 18 dB
Input / Output Impedance 75 ohm
Input / Output test point -20 dB
Connectors All "F" type female
Power requirements AC 110V or AC 220V
Power Consumption 10 W
Operating Temperature -10 ~ 60 °C
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