1 Analog Video 2 Audio SD Digital TV Modulator QAM ATSC DVB-T 480i

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1 x CVBS Baseband- Composite Video / Audio Digital QAM, ATSC, DVB-T Modulator

Real Time Encoder with Digital TV Modulator

Part Number# H-VQAM-SD

Input: 1x CVBS

Output: 1x QAM - 1x Program


Thor part number H-VQAM-SD is a basic real time hardware encoder combined with a digital TV channel modulator.  This product was developed to reduce the cost of distributing basic video services over coax cable as a standard digital TV program.  The system is built around a fast and reliable MPEG-2 encoder based on a high speed FPGA processor.  Video inputs are first digitized by an ADC circuit, then encoded to MPEG-2 Format by the processor.  The MPEG-2 transport stream is then modulated onto an RF carrier by a frequency agile modulator circuit.  All standard digital TV frequencies from 35-960 MHz are supported, with all world QAM modulation standards.  With full QAM anex J.83A, J.83B, and J.83C support, these systems can be used for both US QAM as well as European DVB-C.

All program settings are input via a simple front panel keypad and LCD monitor.  This keeps the VQAM platform as inexpensive and purpose built as possible.  VQAM is the most reliable and affordable modulator for digital TV in its class.  Digital TV requires real time MPEG encoding, and therefore has been previously out of reach for consumer applications.  VQAM breaks through this cost barrier, allowing AV Integrators and home theater enthusiasts to finally distribute live video throughout a home or business over existing coaxial cable as a live Digital TV channel.  No special equipment is needed for the displays, and no inputs need to be changed to view the video.  Simply change the channel to view the video.  The program is available to all Televisions as a digital TV program complete with channel name, description, and custom virtual channel number. 

  • Real Time Hardware Encoder with Composite Video CVBS Input
  • High Quality MPEG-2 MP@ML (4:2:0) Encoding Compatible with Legacy Decoders
  • Simple purpose built design, affordable price point
  • Digital TV agile RF output selectable to any standard VHF or UHF channel
  • Adjustable RF output power level from 15-45 dBmV
  • Supports worldwide QAM Standards: J.83A, J.83B, & J.83C
  • Simple to use Front Panel interface for easy configuration
  • Simple and reliable method for distributing video over coax to a large number of displays
  • Internal RF combiner for daisy chain setup or channel injection


*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice

1x CVBS - Analog Composite Video / Stereo Analog Audio

Supported Resolutions
Video Codecs
Encoding  MPEG-2 MP@ML (4:2:0)
Audio Codecs
Mpeg-1 Layer II – All Modes
Surround pass-through
Audio Sample Rate
48 kHz
Audio Bit Rates
64 kbps
96 kbps
128 kbps
192 kbps
256 kbps
320 kbps
Modulation Standards

QAM - J.83A, J.83B, J.83C

Coming Soon!


RF Frequency Range
30-960 MHz 1 KHz Step
RF Power Level
<15 dBmV
Power Input
100-240 VAC Auto Switching
~ 20 W
153 x 110 x 50 mm
0.75 kg
Operating Temperature
0 - 45 C
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