L-Band Satellite RF 45-3000Mhz

Thor's Lband fiber optic transport equipmnt supports 1 or 2 or 4 or 5 or 6 LNB over the single fiber. systems are designed for distributing satellite service to many different locations from a single dish array.  This system converts each incoming L-Band feed to an independent optical RF channel using a DWDM optics.  Modern Satellite TV systems TV providers have multiple coax feeds from the dish for different polarities.  These RF signals feed into a Single Wire Multiswitch, or SWiM system. All four LNB channels are then combined onto a single fiber output through an internal DWDM coupler.  Alternately, individual signal outputs can also be used for transport over 4 fibers.  The combined DWDM optical output can then be run into an EDFA optical amplifier to boost the signal to high power levels.  Once amplified it can be split through PLC couplers for fan type distribution.  Thor Fiber F-LB systems are an effective solution for eliminating satellite antennas in residential developments.  This platform can reduce a satellite farm down to a single dish and LNB.  When used with EDFA amplifiers, a single Thor F-LB41 transmitter can deliver satellite TV service to over 1000 homes.

L-BAND over Fiber Tx+Rx Basic 1 Ch Kit
STARTING AT: $1 913,95

L-Band RF satellite signal extender over fiber optic cable transport system. multiple L-band fiber optic transport up to 80 Km. Can also provide LNB power at various voltages.
1 L-Band LNB Dish over fiber Extender with Outdoor Enclosure

Satellite RF 1 L-Band over fiber system complete transmitter and receiver kit for harsh environment or outdoor installations.
4 Ch L-Band Over single Fiber Extender 45-3000Mhz -CWDM

4 CH LNB satellite dish fiber optic transport over SM-FOC. 4 Laser Satellite TV antenna feed over fiber optic transmitter system with internal CWDM optics. Ideal for point to point transport or Point up to 32 multipoint. Most advanced multi-channel satellite distribution system for MDU. Maximum durability with advanced automatic system adjustments to deliver 100% clear HDTV programming with zero signal loss.
4 LNB's satellite distribution system for MDU over 1 fiber - DWDM- High Power

4x Ch L-Band DWDM Transmitter for Satellite TV. Designed for delivery of satellite service to more than 5000 locations, or to be used as a satellite to home LTTH system. Used similarly as many CATV FTTH systems, instead LTTH units transport 4 independent satellite signals off the Dish and mux them into a single fiber. DWDM light spectrum could be amplified by EDFA, this is why we can distribute the
6 Ch L-Band Over single Fiber Extender 54-3000Mhz -CWDM

6 Channel Satellite LNB fiber optic Extender. 6 LNB Satellite TV antenna feed over fiber optic transmission system with internal CWDM optics. Ideal for point to point transport, or for small (Level 1 only) scale LTTH distribution systems with 32 or less optical receivers. Supports ATSC feed from local off-air antenna 54-3000mHz. Best satellite distribution system for MDU - Multi-Dwelling Unit
6 LNB's satellite distribution system for MDU over 1 fiber - DWDM- High Power

Designed to support up to 6 satellite LNB signals for remote locating antennas and satellite dishes. Six RF inputs are provided on standard 75 ohm Type-F coax connectors. The connectors can be configured to provide 22 kHz control tone, as well as power over coax to the LNBs. WDWM transmitter can support up to 5000 end users from 1 DISH, MDU Fiber-to-the home solution
GPS over Fiber - Reference Timing Fiber Optic Waterproof Solution

Waterproof Outdoor GPS fiber optic Transmitter and 19" rack-mountable receiver, sends the signal from a GPS antenna to a receiver over singlemode fiber. The transmitter and receiver has RF and Optical meters, allows quick and seemless implementation without any Optical and RF instruments.
6GHz RF over Fiber

Up to 6GHz Analog Analog RF optical transport - RF over fiber Transmitter / Receiver for for Satcom, GPS, WiMAX, LTE, DAS RF transport applications
4GHz fiber optic mini Transmiter / Receiver

4GHz Mini Analog RF over fiber transport equipment. Transmitter has SMA 50ohm electrical interface and accepts Analog RF signal up to 4000Mhz, units come standard with optical FC/APC output. The receiver accepts an optical signal from it's FC/APC port and converts it back to the electrical RF. These units are ideal for transporting high frequency RF over fiber where copper can not complete the application due to its inherent distance limitations.
1 GPS Fiber Transport System

Single GPS fiber extender up to 20Km over singlemode fiber w/ SC/APC connectors
1-4 GPS over Fiber

This unit is for transporting GPS RF carrier signals over fiber for transport indoors or to non line of sight locations. Perfect for hangars, ships, or buildings. Provides a transparent and secure RF connection between your GPS antenna and receiver for distances from 100 ft to 20Km The GPS signal the frequency standard can generate very precise timing or sinewave outputs that are used in a variety of applications.
4 GPS signals over the Fiber TX/RX with Outdoor Waterproof Enclosure

4 GPS RF carrier signals over 4 fiber Outdoor waterproof enclosure optical Transmitter and 19" rack-mountable Receiver with redundant power supply
20 GHz over fiber Ku-Band Transmitter Receiver

The Thor 20GHz Transmitter is a high performance Lightwave Transmitter Module designed for analog photonics applications from DC to 20 GHz
Ku-BAND over Fiber

Ku-Band RF over fiber optic cable transport system. Can be customized for transport distances of up to 150 Km. Can also provide LNB power at various voltages.
S-BAND over Fiber

S-Band RF over fiber optic cable transport system. Can be customized for transport distances of up to 150 Km. Can also provide LNB power at various voltages.
Cellular RF Signals Over Fiber

We carry solutions for GSM over fiber as well as other Cellular signals over fiber. We can customize the optics for transport distances of up to 150 Km. DAS, WiMax, Satcom, LTE
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