20 GHz over fiber Ku-Band Transmitter Receiver

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Transmitter :

       The Thor 20GHz Transmitter F-RFoF-20GHZ-TX is a high-performance Lightwave Transmitter Module designed for analog photonics applications from DC to 20 GHz. This unit includes an 18 GHz optical intensity modulator and an Automatic Bias Control (ABC) board with four different operating modes. The external laser source can be any polarization-maintaining device, such as tunable laser, narrow linewidth laser, making it a versatile solution for RFoF system integration. Contact Optilab for more information.

Receiver :

       The F-RFoF-20GHZ-RX is a 20 GHz photodiode module designed for RF over Fiber, antenna remoting, and broadband RF transmission applications using single mode optical. The F-RFoF-20GHZ-RX can accept input power of up to 35 mW. The F-RFoF-20GHZ-RX utilizes a high input power, low distortion PIN photodiode that provides optical to RF conversion out to the frequency range beyond 20 GHz. This compact, cost-effective receiver module can provide users with status monitoring through the use of an on-board processor that communicates to a host computer over an RS-232 I/O interface via a standard USB 2.0 port. When the F-RFoF-20GHZ-RX RF over fiber receiver module is linked with the TX series of  RF over fiber transmitter modules, the combination provides an excellent solution for ultra-wideband RF to fiber conversion applications, go to optilab.com for more details


Transmitter :


  • 18 GHz 521 bandwidth modulator
  • 1520 nm to 1610 nm wavelength range
  • Automatic Bias Control w/ A mode operation
  • Internal DFB laser up to 50 mW

Customizable options:

  • Low Drive Voltage
  • PM Output
  • High Extinction Ratio (>30 dB)
  • Temperature Qualified (-55 °C to+75 °C)


  • Analog photonics
  • 20 GHz RFoF transmission
  • RF/IF signal distribution
  • Satellite communication
  • Optical communications to 25 Gb/s
  • Sub-nanosecond pulse generation



  • Ultra-wide Bandwidth up to 20 GHz
  • High Dynamic Range
  • High Input Power Handling Capacity of 35 mW
  • Highly Linear for Analog Signals Transmission
  • No TIA for Intrinsic Phase Linearity
  • Status Monitoring: RS-232 (Standard)
  • Power and Remote Monitoring via USB Port



  • Wideband RF Transmission over Fiber
  • RF/IF Signal Distribution
  • Satcom Microwave Antenna Signal Distribution
  • EW Systems
  • Broadband Delay-line and Signal Processing
  • LIDAR Receivers
  • Phased and Interferometric Array Antenna
Model Selection

F-RFoF-20GHZ-TxRx  20Ghz over fiber -Transmitter / Receiver kit



General Specifications

Operating Wavelength

1520 nm to 1610 nm

Laser Source

Internal DFB laser, 1550nm±10 nm; other wavelength and narrow linewidth <1 MHz are available

Laser Power Level

20 mW, 30 mW, 40 mW, 50 mW

RF Return Loss

>15 dB @ 10 GHz; >10 dB @ 20 GHz


50 n

Operating Frequency Range

DC to 25 GHz

Input RF Voltage

27 dBm max.

Optical Output Level

6.5 dBm typ. with 20 mW DFB

S21 Bandwidth

3db, 2GHz to 18 GHz typ.

Modulator Bias Mode

4 Automatic bias control modes, selectable by software

Extinction Ratio

25 dB typ.;

>30 dB (HE version)

Modulator Voltage Vp|

7 V typ. @10 GHz;

5.5 V typ. @ 10 GHz (LD version)

Analog Link Performance

MP3 @7 GHz

32 dBm typ.;

29 dBm typ. (LD version)

1 dB Conpression Point @10 GHz

  1. dBm typ.;
  1. dBm typ. (LD version)

Mechanical Specifications

Operating Temperature (standard)

-30 °C to -+G0 °C

Operating Temperature (TQ version)

-55 °C to +75 °C

Storage Temperature

-60 °C to +90 °C

Power Supply Requirements

±5V, 1A typ.

Optical Connectors


Fiber Type

SMF-28 output;

PANDA output (PM version)

RF Input Connector

K connector

Power Connector

4 Pin Molex

Remote Control

USB 2.0 software included


LED bias mode status


206 mm x 102.4 mm x 31.5 mm


Bias Control Mode



Operation Conditions


Set to quadrature point of positive slope for linear analog modulation


Set to quadrature point of negative slope for linear analog modulation


Set to min. point of operation for the pulse generator or digital modulation


Set to the max. point of operation for pulse generator or digital modulation



General Specifications

Photodiode Wavelength Range

1260 nm to 1600 nm

Operational Bandwidth

60 KHz to 20 GHz

Optical Input Level

35 mW max.



0.85A/W@ 1550nmtyp.

0.90A/W@ 1310nmtyp.

0.40A/W@ 850nmtyp.

S21 3 dB Bandwidth

17 GHz min., 19 GHz typ.

S22 Characteristics

< -10 dB @ 20 GHz

Optical Return Loss

-30.0 dB typ.

2nd Harmonics Distortion

-70.0 dBc max.

3rd Harmonics Distortion

-75.0 dBc max.

Optical POL @ 1550 nm

0.05 dB max.

Output Coupling

AC Coupled

RF impedance

50 Ω

Ripple over Bandwidth

±1.0 dB max.

Link Performance


113 dB Hz 2/3

Link Loss

- 20 dB @ 10 dBm optical

Mechanical Specifications

Operating Temperature

-10°C to +50°C

Storage Temperature

-20° C to +80°C

Power Supply Requirements

+5 V DC,500 mA max.

Optical Connector

FC/APC, SC/APC Optional

RF Input Connector

K Connector Female, 50 Ω

DC Connector

Plug-in typ.

Local Alarm

LED: Optional Input Power

Remote Alarms

RS-232 Interface (Standard) via USB


82mm x 56mm x 25mm

Accessories Included

110V - 240V AC USB Adaptor & Cable


Precision Mach. Anodized Aluminum



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