Hdmi RTSP RTMP RTSP Encoders

Real-Time IPTV Streaming Encoders features high performance, low latency and low bit rates for IPTV/OTT systems

1 Channel HDMI  CVBS  SDI Network Encoder Streamer UDP, RTP, HLS, RTMP, HTTP & USB playback

The SPARTAN-1 is an IP streaming device that comes equipped with a single input port capable of supporting HDMI, CVBS, and SDI inputs. It is specifically designed to facilitate MPEG4 AVC/H.264 video encoding and MPEG1 Layer 2, AAC, or AC3 audio encoding, ensuring high-quality video and audio output. Additionally, this device supports a range of popular streaming protocols such as UDP/RTP (Unicast/Multicast), HLS, RTMP, and HTTP in Low Latency, making it an ideal solution for streaming over local area networks (LAN) or over the internet.
2 Channel 3G-SDI / HDMI H.264 IP Video Streaming Encoder
STARTING AT: $1 995,00

The Spartan-2 has dual inputs for HDMI and SDI (selectable) and encodes in Mpeg4 AVC/H.264 video and Mpeg1 L2, AAC and AC3 audio encoding.
HDMI over Public Internet RTSP/HTTP Encoder
STARTING AT: $1 250,00

The Thor Broadcast H-H264IP-E RTSP network encoder is a real time encoding device for IP broadcasting over LAN or Public Internet. The signal source could be from a STB, PC, TV etc via HDMI and it will transport the live program through the Internet/LAN output this LAN broadcast can be received by any phone, tablet, or PC. This Thor network encoder lets you access your IP STB, PC or TV anywhere to watch your stream of content. The device supports HDMI/YPbPr/S-Video/AV/USB input and encodes in MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 format. This H.264 IP signal will output over UDP, RTP/RTSP, HTTP, and HLS.
Uncomresed 4K HDMI and IR over LAN Extender
STARTING AT: $349,00

This 4K HDMI extender includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, allows the HDMI signal to be transmitted up to 70 meters at 4K resolution using a CAT6/6A/7 network cable. It is perfect for outdoor advertising, video clips, monitor systems, home entertainment, and conference.
4K HEVC IP and USB HD Video Decoder  - IP Stream Input  to HDMI Output
STARTING AT: $595,00

The H-IP-HDMI is a Managed IP Video Decoder that can intake a TS signal and decode almost any incoming HEVC, H.265, H.264, and Mpeg-2 stream at up to 1920x1080@ 60fps and 3840x2160@ 30fps. It can decode various protocols including: IPv4/v6, TCP, UDP, HTTP, HLS, RTP, RTSP, RTMP, FTP, and IGMP(Multicast). This will allow you to interface and broadcast from all types of websites, encoders, servers and hosts; from YouTube to private UDP streams. Unit comes equipped with a GUI interface so you can access it remotely.
HEVC H.265
4 or 8 HDMI Inputs H264 Network Encoder UDP(Unicast/Multicast), RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, HLS
STARTING AT: $3 495,00
4 or 8 HDMI Inputs H264 Network Encoder UDP(Unicast/Multicast), RTSP, RTMP, HTTP, HLS
Real-time Network Encoder with 4 and 8 HDMI HDCP Compliant Inputs for IPTV Streaming. The unit has built-in IPTV server and supports multiple IP streaming protocols like UDP, RTSP, HLS, HTTP, RTMP, for direct steaming over LAN and WAN Supports full HD 480i / 720p / 1080i / 1080p and H.264 Video Encoding
4, 8 HDMI
HDMI/DVI/VGA USB KVM Extender over IP with Video-Wall
STARTING AT: $499,00

The F-DVI-TX/RX is a perfect solution for HDMI, DVI, VGA with USB, IR, RS232 over IP based SFP Optical Module. The system includes a transmitter (TX) and Receiver (RX). Unit has a standard fiber-optic SFP module you can plug in directly to the Gigabit Ethernet switch optical interface. You can use Transmitter and receiver without the switch connecting them together over duplex LC fiber optic jumper
Low Cost Mini Dual HDMI IP Encoder H.264 Streamer - RTSP/RTMP/HTTP/HLS/UDP/RTP/SRT
STARTING AT: $995,00

The DUO MAGNI is designed to convert the 2 unique HDMI signals to IP SPTS with H.264 encoding.
Mini SD/HD/3D SDI Encoder streamer - UDP unicast/multicast, RTMP, HTTP, ONVIF, RTP, HLS, SRT
NetLink Mini
STARTING AT: $995,00

Thor NetLink Mini SDI is highly embedded hardware, an SDI IPTV H.264/H.265 encoder-streamer for LAN and WAN. It is designed for video streaming, live broadcasting, tele-education, telemedicine, etc. It supports UDP unicast/multicast, RTMP, HTTP, ONVIF, RTP, HLS, SRT transmission, and point-to-point transmission
DVI or VGA over IP
STARTING AT: $1 250,00

Transport of DVI or VGA High Definition Video Signals Through IP Based Networks.
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