DVI or VGA over IP

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H-DVI-VGA-IP High Definition DVI or VGA Video/Audio Encoder and Decoder

The Thor H-DVI-VGA-IP is a perfect VGA over IP solution to extend DVI/VGA with Audio & RS-232 signals over IP Ethernet. This Video over IP Unit is useful in a wide range of digital signage applications that require one-to-many, many-to-many distribution, such as: informational displays, corporate signage, boardrooms, courtrooms, train-station, shopping mall, medical, military, and school/college.

The H-DVI-IP unit is a High Definition Video / Audio over IP transport system for DVI or VGA signals. With this unit you can stream a DVI or VGA signal to anywhere in the world over the Internet or other IP based Ethernet network. Use with wireless networking equipment to multicast DVI wirelessly to as many display units as you want. You can also view the stream on a computer via software such as VLC Player. While lower quality units use JPEG encoding, our H-DVI-IP encoder features H264 encoding which uses less than half the bandwidth of MPEG-2 and produces the best picture quality available. Our DVI over IP Unit offers broadcast quality encoding with a low time delay, typically around 200 ms. The system offers an optional USB port on the encoder that lets you save the output stream to an attached USB storage device. This VGA to IP Encoder features an integrated web server for remote management and monitoring. The DVI to Ethernet system is perfect for anyone who wants to transport or multicast a DVI or VGA source.

The Transmitter connects with a PC or any device with VGA/DVI/Audio outputs. The Receiver connects to DVI/VGA display, and optional speaker/RS-232 device. All available 100M, Gigabit or Fiber Ethernet LAN switches can be used to connect the Transmitter and the Receiver. You don't need to have a dedicated line for the system. Just plug the transmitter and receiver into Ethernet network then you can enjoy the real time high quality audio and video contents.

Part numbers :

H-VGA-DVI-IP-TX   - DVI or VGI to PI Transmitter
H-VGA-DVI-IP-RX  - DVI or VGI to PI Receiver

  • High Quality Broadcast level encoding based on H264/MPEG-4
  • 2 units 1 as a Transmitter, socound as a Receiver
  • Support Full HD video 1080p and PC 1920 x 1080 @60Hz resolution.
  • Simply attach the VGA/DVI and audio to the transmitter, it starts to encode audio/video to the IP network.
  • Support one-to-one (unicast) and one-to-many (multicast) mode for Audio/Video real time broadcasting.
  • Supports multiple- to-multiple mode for group broadcasting if the Ethernet switch has the IGMP snooping.
  • Support IR bridge function, you can use the IR remote controller at Receiver site to control the set-top box at the Transmitter site.
  • Integrated web server for remote management and monitoring
  • Hardware encoding with low time delay of typically 200ms
  • Enhanced circuitry for true synchronization between audio and video
  • Supports DVI, VGA or Component HD Video
  • Easy to install and simple to use
Video Bit Rate
5M - 15M bps
Mode of Video Output
Fix rate/change rate
1024×[email protected] 1024×[email protected] 1280×[email protected]  1440*[email protected]  1280×[email protected]
1920*[email protected]  1920*1080/59.94HZ  1920*1080/60HZ
Output Video Streaming Format
Coding Grade
ISO/IEC-14496-10/H.264 Baseline/Main/High Profile
Frame Rate
NTSC, 30 frame/second  
PAL,    25 frame/second
VGA    30 frame/second
Video Sampling Frequency
Audio Rate
32K,48K,56K,64K,80K,96K,112K,128K,192K,224K,384Kbps etc.
Mode of Encoding
AAC-LC, G.711 etc.
Mode of Audio
Mono, Stereo
Input of Video
Data Communication Interface
RS485,RS232, Baud rate   1200~115200 bps
Network Interface
10/100M Ethernet  RJ45
240 x 160 x 60mm
Power Supply
12 VDC
Power Consumption
3.6 W
Working Temperature
Storage Temperature
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