1 L-Band LNB Dish over fiber Extender with Outdoor Enclosure


F-LB11  Weatherproof Outdoor L-Band Kit


Ruggedized environmentally hardened optical transmitter and receiver kits


These single channel L-Band over fiber kits offer the same link performance as standard Thor F-LBAND systems, and are suitable for outdoor installation.  Ideal for mounting on antenna masts, or in base station equipment racks; F-LB11 single channel kits can be installed in locations directly exposed to the elements.



Product Features

 • Can be installed in any location indoors or out

 • Allows optical transmitter to be mounted closer to the antenna

 • Fully sealed enclosure can be installed directly on antenna

 • Can be ordered for specific frequency range response

 • Wide use of applications, bi-directional models available



Product Application









Also Available Multi-Channel  L-Band over One Single Mode Fiber Strand

multi lband over 1 fiber


Optical/RF Parameters  
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Transmitter Properties  

1310 nm (standard)

1550 nm (optional)  FP/DFB

Output Power +2.0 dBm +/- 2 dB
Frequency Response Range 45 - 2800 MHz
RF Input Level 55 - 78 dBµV
LNB Power (optional) 13 or 18 VDC /650mA Max 22KHz
RF Connector F-Connector or by request
RF Return Loss 13 dB
RF Input Impedance 75 Ohm
CNR 40 dB
IMD 40 dB
Reciever Properties  
Wavelength 1290 - 1600 nm
Optical input power range -13 - 1 dBm (sensitivity -13 dBm)
Frequency Range 900 - 2600 MHz
Output RF Response Levels  
Optical Input = 0 dB RF Output = 88 dBuV
Optical Input = -3 dB RF Output = 82 dBuV
Optical Input = -6 dB RF Output = 74 dBuV
Optical Input = -9 dB RF Output = 68 dBuV
Optical Input = -12 dB RF Output = 63 dBuV
General Parameters  
Power Supply Info 18VDC, 3.5W
Tempurature Range (-45) - 150 F
RF Connectors F-Connector or by request
Optical Connectors SC/APC or by request
Dimensions 118 mm x 210 mm x 40 mm
Weight 0.25 kg
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