L-BAND over Fiber Tx+Rx Basic 1 Ch Kit

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Thor Fiber Satellite L-Band RF Over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver kit

Model # F-Lband-Tx/Rx

The L-Band fiber optic Transmitter/Receiver pair are used for transporting RF Satellite signals in the L Band over fiber from the antenna to the satellite receiver. L-band RF signals have a very limited range over coaxial cable, typically no more than a few hundred feet. By transporting the L-Band RF signal over an optical fiber this range can be extended to over 50 miles. Fiber optic cables are much smaller and easier to work with than traditional copper coax. Additionally our units provides optional 13/18V LNB power as well as Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to manage RF input level. Fiber optic transport of satellite signals is useful in many applications, such as transportation of signals from a remote satellite farm to a broadcaster's headend, uplink and downlink applications, and DBS services. This fiber satellite (SAT) extender can even transport broadband CATV RF over fiber optic cable. Thor Offers CWDM multiplexing solutions for transportation of up to 8 distinct L-Band signals over a single fiber, as well as multicasting solutions over several different fibers via optical coupling. Custom solutions are available, contact Thor today for help with your specific L Band over fiber needs.



  • Low cost kit to transport L-Band frequencies from LNB's over fiber
  • Can provide LNB power at 13/18 VDC over coax
  • Can provide 22 kHz control tone for LNB polarity shifting
  • Can be used to remote satellite antennas up to 10 miles away
  • Compatible with PLC optical splitters, point to multi point

IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 

satellite antenna signal over fiber extender, DBS L BAND over Fiber Tx+Rx Basic 1 Ch Kit
SATCOM DBS Fiber Optic Transmitter Receiver kit, RFoF, converts satellite RF signal form LNB coax to fiber optic signal and from fiber to back to Sattelite RF. it works as a Coax but over the fiber, single-mode fiber is needed with SC/APC angle polished connectors. Coax cable has its own distance limitation, by using this converter you can send modulated RF 54-3000Mhz over fiber up to 20KM. This unit could be also used for ATSC over fiber or CAble TV RF over fiber because of the wide RF range supported this is the link:: https://thorbroadcast.com/product/l-band-over-fiber-tx-rx-basic-1-ch-kit.html in spanish El kit de receptor de transmisor de fibra óptica SATCOM DBS, RFoF, convierte la señal de RF satelital de coaxial LNB a señal de fibra óptica y de fibra a RF de satélite. funciona como un cable coaxial, pero a través de la fibra, se necesita fibra monomodo con conectores pulidos en ángulo SC / APC. El cable coaxial tiene su propia limitación de distancia, al usar este convertidor puede enviar RF modulada 54-3000Mhz sobre fibra de hasta 20KM. Esta unidad también podría usarse para ATSC sobre fibra o TV por cable RF sobre fibra debido al amplio rango de RF admitido Este es el enlace:: https://thorbroadcast.com/es/producto/banda-l-largo-de-la-fibra-tx-rx-basica-1-ch-8230.html
Model Selection

Standard Model Numbers

Model Number Description
  • F-LBAND-Tx-10
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 10km
  • F-LBAND-Rx-10
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 10km
  • F-LBAND-Tx-40
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 40km
  • F-LBAND-Rx-40
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 40km
  • F-LBAND-Tx-80
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 80km
  • F-LBAND-Rx-80
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 80km
  • F-LBAND-Tx-120
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 120km
  • F-LBAND-Rx-120

L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 120km

  • F-LBAND-Tx-XX-RM   XX- Distance in Km 10.40,80,120  RM-Rack mountable
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 10km
  • F-LBAND-Rx-XX-RM  XX- Distance in Km 10.40,80,120  RM-Rack mountable
L-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 10km
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Transmitter Properties  
  • Wavelength

1310 nm (standard)

1550 nm (optional)  FP/DFB

  • Output Power
+2.0 dBm +/- 2 dB
  • Frequency Response Range
45 - 2800 MHz
  • RF Input Level
55 - 78 dBµV
  • LNB Power (optional)
13 or 18 VDC /650mA Max 22KHz
  • RF Connector
F-Connector or by request
  • RF Return Loss
13 dB
  • RF Input Impedance
75 Ohm
  • CNR
40 dB
  • IMD
40 dB
Reciever Properties  
  • Wavelength
1290 - 1600 nm
  • Optical input power range
-13 - 1 dBm (sensitivity -13 dBm)
  • Frequency Range
45 - 2800 MHz
Output RF Response Levels  
  • Optical Input = 0 dB
RF Output = 88 dBuV
  • Optical Input = -3 dB
RF Output = 82 dBuV
  • Optical Input = -6 dB
RF Output = 74 dBuV
  • Optical Input = -9 dB
RF Output = 68 dBuV
  • Optical Input = -12 dB
RF Output = 63 dBuV
General Parameters  
  • Power Supply Info
18VDC, 3.5W
  • Tempurature Range
(-45) - 150 F
  • RF Connectors
F-Connector or by request
  • Optical Connectors


IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 

  • Dimensions
118 mm x 210 mm x 40 mm
  • Weight
0.25 kg
Question and Answers
Generally yes, but there is several different options. How many LNB's does your dish has? Please give us call directly we will explain as different providers have different hardware options; we just need to match the hardware that you have to the hardware we offer to create a seamless transition of your Dish service
If the dish you have has a built-in SWM; then there is nothing we can do to help. We have transmitter and receiver kits that convert the LNB's to fiber; however, these units must go in between the dish and the SWM , because there is bi-directional communication between STB's coxes and SWM You can go purchase your own dish without the built-in SWM; depending on the model you choose, our LB41 systems and the LB61 Systems would work https://thorbroadcast.com/product/6-ch-l-band-over-single-fiber-extender-54-3000mhz-cwdm.html
Yes this unit F-LBAND-TX/RX supports 50-2800Mhz RF input.
The ATSC spectrum RF is between 50-800 MHZ, the satellite L'Band is between 850-2100Mhz 
Using this TX and RX you can send both signals.
You can simply combine the signal from the dish and from the residential antenna using smile 1x2 splitter/combiner
If there is short distance than Coax is a better and less expensive choice 
It is great for sending signals from the Dish or ATSC or both for long-distance, let's say that some residence doesn't want to have a big dish next to the house, or skyscraper needs to send the signal to the master headend located in the basement.
Standard TX/RX supports up to 20Km of fiber.
Yes we can send you 200-300 feet of fiber with the TX/RX .
Please note this unit is able to extend1 LNB,  some satellite services like Direct TV uses multiple LNB's , in this case we have different units 4 or 6 LNB over 1 fiber extender.
those units actually convert every LNB input on separate light wavelengths ( colors of light ) and internally passively combine them , receiver separate the light using filters and convert it back to the original Lband RF (it gets complex) 
those are the links :

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