RF Fiber Break - optical RF COAX isolation solution

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RF Cable TV (CATV)  Fiber Optic Transmitter/ Receiver Break System For High Security

Uni- Directional RF Cable TV fiber break

PN : F-RF-BR includes:

  • 19" Rackmountable CATV fiber optic Transmitter- converts electrical CATV RF to modulated light signal
  • Portable  CATV fiber optic receiver - converts modulated light to electrical RF
  • fiber optic jumpers SC/APC to connect TX and RX together

Low-cost RF Fiber Break for military and high-security applications.  RF Fiber Breaks are used to transport the RF over a single directional fiber link.  This prevents signals from being passed in the return direction.  Often times this is required for high security and military applications.  These units are for short distance RF over fiber applications to create a single direction RF Fiber Break.  Because of the nature of RF over fiber systems, signals can only travel in one direction without return path optics.  Our standard units are for CATV band 45-870 MHz, but we can also provide units for satellite bands as well as other communication system frequencies.  Coax cabling represents a serious security vulnerability to any location with access to highly sensitive data.  Protect your facility today with low-cost RF Fiber Breaks from Thor.


Bi -Directional Cable TV fiber break

In some cases when Cable TV service on demand is required Bidirectional RF Fiber brake is required

System Includes:

  • 1 CATV RF Forward  transmitter
  • 1 CATV RF Forward Receiver with Return Path Optical Transmitter.
  • 1 CATV Return Path optical  Receiver
  • 2 optical jumpers

  • Low-cost RF Fiber Break for Security Applications

  • All working parameters controlled by a microprocessor

  • Compact Form Factor

  • Single Directional RF Transport

Model Selection

F-RF-BR  - Fiber Optic CATV RF forward optical isolator 45-870Mhz Kit.

The kit incudes :  Fiber optic CATV RF forward Transmitter, optical forward Receiver and optical cable SC/APC

F-RF-BR-B - Fiber Optic CATV RF optical Bi-directional -forward 45-870Mhz and return path 4-45Mhz kit.

The kit incudes :  Fiber Optic CATV RF forward Transmitter, optical forward Receiver, Return path optical transmitter, Return Path optical receiver and 2 optical cables SC/APC

F-RF-BR-SAT  - A fiber optic forward optical isolator for CATV or satellite RF frequencies, 45-2600 MHz, Kit.

*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Optical Features  
  • Wavelength
1310 nm
  • Linewidth
< 1 MHz   FWHM
  • Side Mode Suppression Ratio
> 45 dB   SMSR
  • Extinction Ratio
> 20 dB   XP
  • Equivalent Noise Intensity
< -160 dB/Hz
  • Output Power
2 mW  Optional 4 or 6 mW
  • Return Loss
> 55 dB
  • Optical Fiber Connector
SC/APC Standard FC/APC Optional
RF Features  
  • Work Bandwidth
45 - 862 MHz
  • Input Level
19 - 21 dBmV   MGC
  • Flatness
<± 0.75    45 - 862 MHz
  • Return Loss
> 16 dB
  • Input Impedance
75 Ohm   RF Input
  • RF Interface
F-Type or by request
Link Features  
  • Transmit Channel
PAL-D/60CH     NTSC/80CH
  • CNR
> 50 dB   on 10Km optical fiber
  • CTB
< -63 dB
  • CSO
< -57 dB
  • SBC restrain
> 17 dBm
General Features  
  • Network Managment
  • Power Supply
90~265VAC       -48VDC optional(30~60VDC)
  • Power Consumption
< 25 W
  • Working Temp
-5 - 65 °C
  • Storage Temp
-40 - 85 °C
  • Operating Humidity
5 - 95 %


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