6 Ch L-Band Over single Fiber Extender 54-3000Mhz -CWDM

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Fiber Optic 6 LNB to SWM Switch Extender System for 6 Polarity Satellite TV 

The F-LB61 system from Thor Fiber is designed for use with satellite TV systems that have six LNB coax cables coming from the antennas.  These are typically systems that support an additional antenna used for international content or free to air programming.  The LB61 solution will work with most standard satellite TV antennas such as Directv® and Dish Network® systems.  LB61 creates a fiber optic link between the satellite antenna and the single wire multiswitch portion of the TV system.  This can be used to overcome distance limitations between the antenna and the rest of the system, or to distribute the output from a single antenna to multiple TV distribution locations.  The standard LB61 system can be used to deliver the output from a satellite antenna to up to 32 individual optical receivers.  The output from each of these optical receivers is identical to the output from the original satellite antenna.  There is no way that the equipment from the television provider can detect that it is not directly connected to its own satellite antenna.

The most common application for the LB61 system is extending the maximum distance between a television system and its satellite dish antenna.  Without the use of a Thor system, the satellite antenna must be installed within 100 meters of a multiswitch or receiver equipment.  This is not a problem for most residential or household type consumer applications; but presents a significant obstacle in larger high rise buildings or corporate installations.  The LB61 system increases the flexibility of satellite TV systems by overcoming the distance limitation between the antenna and the rest of the TV system. 

  • Up to 6 RF feeds from satellite 4 LNB’s over 1 strand of Single mode fiber
  • Wide frequency response 54-3000Mhz
  • Compatible with multiple providers such as DirecTV, Dish Network, Free-to-air
  • Designed for use with Single Wire Multiswitch systems
  • Up to 32 end points  - Receivers from a single transmitter, using 1x32 optical splitter
  • Plug and Play
  • Does not optically saturate
  • RF Signal Input to the Transmitter = RF Signal Output from the receiver (100% transparent)
  • Transmitter RF Input can power LNB- 13V or 18V
  • Sends 22Khz control tone
  •  Additional ATSC RF from local antenna transport possible because it supports 54-3000Mhz spectrum
  • Sends 22Khz control tone
  • LCD display and Front panel management
  • The transmitter displays RF Input Power for individual RF feeds and Optical Output power for each individual 6 CWDM lasers
  • The receiver displays Optical input power from each of the 6 lasers, including RF output Power
  • Internal Power AC power supply 110V-220V
  • Redundant power supply

IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 


*All Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice

  • RF Inputs

6x Type-F 75 Ohm

  • Frequency Range
  • RF Input Power Level
14-25 dBmV (-35  -  -23dBm)
  • Optical Wavelength
6x CWDM 20nm Spacing 1310-1610nm
  • Optical Output Power

3.0 dBm (2mW) - standard

  • Optical Output Ports

1  SC/APC 

IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 

  • Laser Type
6x Feedback Controlled DFB type CWDM
  • RF Return Loss
12 dB
  • RF Link Gain
25 dB
  • Control Interface
SNMP Network (optional, costs additional)
Front Panel
  • Power Supply
110 / 220 VAC Auto Switching
  • Power Consumption
>50 W
  • Dimensions
19 x15 x 1.75
  • Weight
3.5 kg
  • Operating Temperature
0 - 65 C°
Question and Answers
I built a small cabin on a lake and trying to get dish network television. The problem is the cabin sits very low down a hill. There are many trees and when dish installers came out to look they said I would have to cut trees in order to get a signal. Obviously I don't want to do this. My house is up the hill about 450 feet and I have dish television there. If I can put the dish closer to my house where I can get a line of sight to satellites and run a cable down the hill to the television would be good. Is this possible? If so what would I need to make it work? Would a normal dish network dish work? Would RG-11 cable work at that length? Or would something else be better? As you can tell I have no experience in this and just trying to find a way to get television reception at the cabin.

So this is all relative to what kind of Dish you have. Our Lband over Fiber systems assist contractors and integrators in moving dishes further away from the receiver then the allotted RG coax allows which is roughly 90 feet. So if you can't use good old copper, most professionals have to install singlemode fiber, which will carry the signal for miles. In this case you'd be looking at a fairly expensive endeavour based on the dish you have. Some old style dishes have a single LNB polarity; most new HD dishes have anywhere from 3-5 LNB's. What our systems do is take those polarities, convert them to glass via CWDM multiplexing, and then the reverse happens on the receiving end. This does not include the Fiber, The Dish, or the Outdoor weatherproofind you'll need along with send some sort of power supply up to the dish so you can power the Transmitter and the Dish's LNB's. So if you know the model of the dish you have let us know and we can point you to a specific model. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.
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