20 dBm EDFA Optical Amplifier

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F-EDFA-20  Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier +20 dBm Output

F-EDFA series are general purpose optical amplifiers for channels within the DWDM spectrum bands (1540-1565nm).  These  amplifiers are designed for amplification of up to 8 multiplexed DWDM optical channels.  Any optical signal within the 1550 band is amplified to the rated output power level regardless of protocol or data rate.  Works with both high speed digital signals or high speed analog optical RF.  EDFA systems amplify optical channels without signal processing or retransmission, so there is virtually zero latency.  Useful for fiber transport over very long distances, or for feeding a fiber optic PLC splitter for multi point signal distribution. 

The F-EDFA booster amplifier offers low NF with a high saturated output power.  This product line features industry standard optics, high quality pump laser, and OFS erbium doped optical fiber made in America.  The unit is designed with heat dissipation and ventilation in mind to ensure a long operational life.  A front panel LCD indicates unit power levels and has a signal detect warning alarm, automatically switching off the pump laser when no input is detected.  The F-EDFA line also features RS-232 and SNMP via RJ45 for remote management and management.  With so many features the F-EDFA series amplifiers offer high reliability and performance for any system integration project requiring optical amplification.


 • 20 dBm optical power output for any DWDM channels within -10 to +10 dBm
 • Compatible with optical signals with wavelengths from 1540 - 1563nm
 • Consistent output power level that is independent of input optical power
 • Works with any 1550 band optical signal independent of protocol
 • Can be used for both RF over fiber and digital transport systems
 • Basic SNMP system for monitoring and RS-232 interface for control
 • Convenient front panel interface for configuration and alarm monitoring
Main applications

 •  CATV Optical Distribution
 •  Fiber to the Home Systems
 •  Point to Multipoint Distribution
 •  Long Range Transport
 •  Intermediary Optical Amplification
 •  Laboratory & Research applications

IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 


*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
  • Maximum Output Power

+20 (dBm) ±.75 dB

  • Operating Wavelength
1540-1563 (nm)
  • Input Power
-10 ~ +10 (Typ +3) (dBm)
  • Output Power Adjustable Range
± 6 dB
  • Number of Output Ports
  • Output Power Variation
± 0.75 dB
  • Noise Figure
6.3 (Pin=0dBm)(dB)
  • Polarization Loss
0.3 (dB)
  • Polarization Gain
0.4 (dB)
  • Polarization Dispersion
0.5 (ps)
  • Input Output Isolation
30 (dB)
  • Pump Power Leakage
-30 (dBm)
  • Echo Loss
55 (dB)
  • SNMP Interface
  • Communication Interface
  • Power Supply
90 ~265VAC, -48VDC, +24VDC
  • Power Consumption
  • Working Temp
-5 ~ 65 C
  • Storage Temp
-40 ~ 80 C
  • Operating Relative Humidity
5 ~ 95 (%)
  • Size
19×14.5×1.75 - 1RU (19")


IMPORTANT NOTE*** (it is very important to interface our unit with SC/APC - Angle Polished Connector to avoid any light reflections.

If your fiber is terminated with the  SC, ST, FC /PC flat connector, you need to use an optical jumper from PC type to SC/APC for proper conversion. 

Question and Answers
We are doing DTV service in Australia. So we are looking forward to the optical transmitter and receiver the following purpose. We will transfer the RF signal /from modulator ASI signal than inserted the combiner/ from our created site to the planned small area. We are able to transfer the RF signal with 80 programs by optic cable than we do not know exactly which equipment will be matched for our purpose. We are interesting the product please send us the detailed specification and price proposal as quickly as possible. Thanks for your understanding and response. We are should be distributed 80 programs/around 80 SD channels /at least 4 site initially by single mode optic fiber. we have a single mode optic fiber network. please see the attached document which included distance information. for distance one site is maximum 160km, others are lower than 80 km. For an endpoint, we need a minimum 4 point and maximum higher than 8 points.

We can absolutely help you with your distribution project. From what I understand you need to transmit the RF signal over single mode fiber? What is the distance of the fiber? Do you have a single mode available? How many endpoints do you have? The 80km and 160km it is not an easy distance for modulated RF over fiber. The 80km would be maximum we can do using an external modulated 1550nm transmitter and powerful EDFA fiber optic amplifier, we would need the actual loss determined by using OTDR The other way to do it would be sending ASI over fiber, and ASI we can support much longer distances since this is a digital signal. So the scenario would be ASI fiber transmitter - ASI fiber receiver, ASI to IP converter, IP to CATV RF QAM modulator please check those links : https://thorbroadcast.com/product/1-ch-dvb-asi-over-fiber.html https://thorbroadcast.com/product/dvb-asi-over-ip-gateway.html https://thorbroadcast.com/product/iptv-to-16-32-clear-channel-rf-qam-atsc-modulator.html Please let me know if this is a viable solution, I can quote either way, but as I mentioned we would be not able to support 160km RF over fiber
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