Broadcast Camera EFP Fiber Transmission System: 12G-SDI, XLR Audio, TALLY, Intercom, Gigabit Ethernet

SpiderSDI Pro
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SpiderSDI Pro - Broadcast Camera EFP Fiber Transmission System 12G-SDI - XLR Audio - TALLY - Intercom - Gig Ethernet


An EFP (Electronic Field Production) fiber transmission system is the optimal technology used in broadcasting and live event production to transmit video, audio, and data signals over long distances using fiber optic cables. The most prominant examples of these being used are inside ball parks and racetracks, for superior quality broadcasting up to 12G-SDI that includes intercom for techincal communications and directions given to camera operators. Included with this functionality is the ability to carry tally, audio, ethernet, XLR, and bidirectional SDI which creates a single strand solution using CWDM to execute at the highest echelons of resolution and AV operability and distribution. Consider an NFL stadium where numerous on field cameras transmit Live feeds back to the production trailor outside the stadium; here the producer can call out to different camera operators by number with instructions, change the view of the Live broadcast, and operate with audio and high def video in realtime while utilizing the SDI, intercom, ethernet and tally to help control, instruct, and communicate with his operators inside the stadium while he's at the production studio outside in the form of a trailor generally. The same situation can be utilized in various sports, racing, live productions of theatre, house of worship, and concerts. 

EFP systems are commonly used in situations where traditional copper-based cabling is impractical due to distance limitations, signal degradation, or electromagnetic interference. Futhermore, the EFP fiber transmission systems offer several advantages over traditional cabling methods, including higher bandwidth, longer transmission distances, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. 
Based on most user experiences we hear about from operators in the field, the transmitter of the equipment is compact with dims of 112x159x70mm and just two pounds, equipped with a 1/4 hot shoe, V-port hanging board, which can supply power to the fiber optic converter and the camera or other photographic equipment through the V-port mobile power supply, which is convenient for use in outdoor environments for operation. The receiver is a 1RU rack mount box, which is convenient for users to facilitate unified management and power supply in the field such as the broadcast truck or the headend room; the internal circuit part of the equipment uses all-digital circuits, creating a stable, low power consumption, and is easy to install and maintain. The power supply system uses a LEMO physical interface 6-pin, wide voltage design (9~24V), support V-port mobile power supply, which can ensure flexible and stable power supply in the field.




  • CWDM Technology:

    • Utilizes a single-mode fiber for relay-free transmission up to 10 km.
    • Supports auto-detection of (12G), (6G), (3G), (HD), and (SD)-SDI.
    • Compatible with DVB-ASI and AES10 (MADI).
  • Clock Recovery Functions:

    • Both transmitter and receiver feature clock recovery functions.
    • Signal input with automatic cable equalization (EQ).
    • Output with drive (DA) function.
  • Audio Features:

    • Balanced audio signal using digital encoding/decoding and clock recovery technology.
    • High dynamic range (100dB) and automatic high-pass filtering.
    • Intelligent noise suppression system.
    • Soft rising/falling ramps and analog squelch for 100dB squelch signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with pop-free operation.
  • Lightning Protection:

    • Three-level lightning protection for the audio interface, up to IEC61000-4-5 (8/20μs) differential mode: 6KV.
  • Remote Control:

    • 2.5mm REMOTE control signal for camera operations.
    • 3.5mm audio intercom, compatible with I2s bus and msb formats.
    • Remote reverse control of 2 channel tally signals.
  • Gigabit Ethernet:

    • Supports VLAN ultra-long packets.
    • Compatible with switch products supporting the IEEE802.1Q protocol.
    • Supports giant frame Ethernet packets with a maximum length of 9216.
  • Status Indicators:

    • Rich status indicators for quick equipment status assessment.
  • Design and Mounting:

    • Transmitter: Compact, 2 lbs for mounting.
    • Receiver: 19-inch 1U rack type, all aluminum alloy, anodized shell, fanless heat dissipation design, IP40 protection level.
  • Power Supply:

    • Transmitter: Supports LEMO DC9~24V power supply and V-port mobile power supply (14.8V).
    • Receiver: Provides AC100V~240V power supply.
  • Ease of Use:

    • Plug and play functionality with no debugging required.


Model Selection

SpiderSDI Pro - Transmission kit, including camera-mount optical transceiver and 19-inch rack-mountable audio transceiver


Fiber parameters



Fiber type

9/125um single mode

Data rate

12Gbps (1270/1330nm)

1.25Gbps (1310/1550nm)

Optical module 

Single fiber single mode 10km

Fiber Connector


Video parameters

Protocol standard


SMPTE rate


Support standard (digital video format)

SMPIE 259M , SMPIE 292M , SMPIE 424M , SMPIE ST-2081 , SMPIE ST-2082


75 Ω


The BNC meet the IEC169-8 standard

XLR Audio parameters

Dynamic bandwidth

101 dB

Total harmonic distortion?THD?

-90 dB

Sampling frequency

192 KHz

Audio A/D Sampling

24 Bit

Signal to noise ratio?SNR?

100 dB

Amplitude-frequency characteristics

≤±0.5 dB

Audio input/output impedance

600  Ω balanced

Nonlinear distortion


Physical interface

XLR connector

3.5mm Audio parameters

Dynamic bandwidth


Total harmonic distortion?THD?


Signal to noise ratio?SNR?


Sampling frequency


Audio A/D Sampling

24 Bit

Frequency response

10 ~ 20kHz

Audio input/output impedance

600 Ω balance

Audio maximum input/output voltage


Physical interface

3.5mm jacket

Tally parameters

Level type

TTL (5V) /LVTTL (3.3V)

Input level range


Output level parameters

0V or 3.3V

Default state

No voltage output (0V)

Physical interface

Transmitter  LEMO

Receiver  DB9

REMOTE parameters

Physical interface

2.5mm jacket

Network parameters



Conversion method

Media conversion, storage forwarding/pass-through


IEEE802.3    IEEE802.3u  IEEE802.3z

Cache space


MAC address


Jumbo frames

Support 9216 Bytes

Flow control

Full-duplex: flow control, Half-duplex: back pressure method

Physical interface


Power parameters

Transmitter input voltage

DC 9~24V

Transmitter overload current protection


Transmitter power physical connector

LEMO 6-pin

Transmitter device power consumption


Receiver input power

AC 100~240V 

Receiver overload current protection


Receiver power physical connector

AC socket

Receiver device power consumption


Receiver overload current protection


Mechanical parameters

The shell metal

Aluminum alloy

Transmitter dimension


Transmitter net weight/piece


Receiver dimension


Receiver net weight/piece



Working temperature

-20°C ~+70°C

Storage temperature

-40°C ~+85°C

Relative humidity

5 to 95% (non-condensing)


>100000 hours

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