HDMI Modulator with return remote control IR - Digital Full HD 1080p ATSC, QAM J.83B, DVB-T, ISDB-T over Coax

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Compact HDMI-compliant modulator with loop-out and IR so you can change the source Set Top Box from a different one via a Television. However, you can still use this modulator with any HDMI source like Blu-Ray, Apple TV, ROKU, PC, etc. 

You can connect any amount of TV's you want to the RF output and view your programs over your existing coax network in up to 1080p resolution. You can also inject an RF input into the modulator, like an Antenna, and then add your HDMI-sourced product to inject into the ATSC channel lineup on a vacant frequency. This added accessibility along with the IR and digital link passing through your coax network will make adding programs, and adjusting the channel on your STB an easy-to-use solution. 

Furthermore, the modulator also has an HDMI loop-out so if you have your unit stationed near a TV, and use the IR to control a second TV, the first TV can be fed with the HDMI input for monitoring or viewing. There is an LCD display with easy-to-use buttons, and of course, there is an RJ45 input so you can add your modulator to the LAN and control it through a WEB GUI. This unit also has all the major RF modulation standards built in, QAM(J83A/B), ATSC, ISDBT, and DVBT.

  • HDMI Input - HDCP compliant ( works with any HDMI device )
  • HDMI Loop-out for convenient monitoring on a local TV
  • 10/100 Ethernet NMS port for control and setup
  • RF output could be set to any CATV format as QAM, ATSC, DVB-T, or ISDB-T 
  • RF output power is +100dBμV(30dB Attenuation); enough for distributing HDTV video to 100's TV over the existing coax cable network
  • RF power could be controlled over the network via NMS Gui (Proprietary)
  • MPEG2 video encoding
  • AC3 Audio encoding, MPEG1, and AAC options
  • Video bit rate 5-25Mbps can manage over the network
  • Supports any CATV RF agile channels from 50-950Mhz, channels  2 -135,
  •  Supports output resolutions up to 1080p; input 720 or 1080
  • Compact size 
  •  Install multiple units onto your TV system
  • IR Return with 9Vdc
  • Easy to see LED lights
Model Selection


Encoding Section-Video
Encoding MPEG2
Interface HDMI x 2 (1×input/1×loop out)
Resolution Input: [email protected],[email protected]
[email protected]/P,[email protected]/P

Output: up to 1080p30
Bit rate 5-25Mbps
Encoding Section-Audio
Encoding MPEG-1 Layer2, AAC, AC3
Sample rate 48KHz
Management LCD + Control buttons/Ethernet Web GUI
MER Typ. 35dB
RF range 50~950MHz, 1KHz step
RF output level 100dBμV (30dB attenuation)
Standard ATSC
Constellation 8VSB
Standard QAM J.83B, annex A , DVB-T, ISDB-T
Constellation 64QAM, 128QAM, 256QAM
IR return path connections
RF output 2 RF outputs (one providing accessory
power supply 9 Volts DC for IR pass)
DC switch Power supply 9 Volts DC for IR pass
IR OUT IR emitter output
Power supply DC 12V 1A
Dimensions 225*105*41mm
Weight 680g


Question and Answers

  An HDMI RF modulator is a device that allows you to convert a digital HDMI video signal into an analog RF (radio frequency) signal. This can be useful in situations where you want to connect a device with an HDMI output (such as a Blu-ray player or video game console) to a television that only has an RF input (such as an older CRT TV). The modulator converts the HDMI signal into a format that the TV can understand, allowing you to view the HDMI source on the TV.

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