Uncomresed 4K HDMI and IR over LAN Extender

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This HDMI extender includes a transmitter unit and a receiver unit, allows the HDMI signal to be transmitted up to 70 meters at 4K resolution using a CAT6/6A/7 network cable. It is perfect for outdoor advertising, video clips, monitor systems, home entertainment, and conference.


1. Zero latency

2. 4k@60Hz HDMI signal can be transmitted 70 meters through a 6CAT6/6A/7 network cable.

3. Supports up to 10 receivers in cascade, auto adapt to display resolution.

4.The receiver can extract the digital audio from the transmitter through the S/PDIF port.

5. Supports audio formats(Dolby True HD 7.1CH/Dolby Digital 5.1CH).

6.Supports HDR(YUV4:4:4), EDID passback.

7. Transmitter supports one HDMI loop-out

8. Supports bi-directional IR passback function (20-60KHz), cascade when 10 receivers available.

9. Anti0lighting, anti-surge, anti-static protection.


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