12 channel HDMI + 12 Channel SDI Modulation Solution

This setup depicts the 12 Channel HDMI combining with the 12 Channel SDI Thor Broadcast Modulator. Trasmitting through the RF out on both of the broadcast devices into a 2to1 (2x1) RF combiner. The RF combiner will now allow for 24 QAM channels passing through the Coax Out. Both broadcast modulators must be configured to different channels on the RF spectrum.

They have the ability to use Virtual Channels (VCT) to customize the channel names and/or numbers to your needs. You can also use  IPTV output; each TS can be broadcast on it's own IP address for network distrubition of content via SPTS and MPTS. Each modulator is equipped with ASI out (Asynchronous Serial Interface) which can carry one or multiple SD, HD, or audio programs. The 12 Channel HDMI supports baseband closed captioning (CC) through the ports on the back, adjacent to the corresponding HDMI port.

The 12 Channel SDI displays closed captioning (CC) if its embedded in the SDI video. This layout is ideal for studios, movie/television sets and any one else looking to send high quality video on up to 24 channels. This design is based off a clients need to transmit both HDMI and SDI video simultaneously from a number of sources, then encoded to RF for easy transmission through his coaxial network. Easy setup and design to send SD and HD programs to any number of Televsions.

Products used:


This Unit has 12 HDMI inputs which are beeing converted to CABLE TV Channels for easy HD video distribusion over COAX. In addition it also has IPTV output for IP Network Multicast

12 HD/SD-3G SDI with 608/708CC (Closed Captioning) CATV RF MODULATOR

This Device has 12 Indpepndent SDI to CATV RF Video inputs.This unit is a Coax Modulator and IP Video Encoder. It Provides IPTV MPEG2 and H.264 Encoding. With this Device you can provide SDI Video distribution over COAX and IP