2 Ch Video Over Coax QAM Modulator

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H-2V-QAM 2 Channel to QAM Multiplexing Transcoder

The H-2V-QAM is a dual channel QAM modulator and digital multiplexer.  This unit is able to multiplex two separate MPEG2 streams onto a single QAM for distribution of video over coax.  Our unit is one of the world first multiplexing hybrid QAM modulators.  The H-2V-QAM unit is able to multiplex two standard MPEG-2 transport streams onto a single QAM.  If the video is not encoded we offer encoding solution modules for various inputs.  We offer different options depending on the input required.  TheH-2V-QAM is available with an ATSC/QAM input tuner, a DVB-ASI input module, analog NTSC inputs, or an IP transport stream input depending on your needs.  The H-2V-QAM features two input bays.  Video input from the two modules enters the main chassis where the MPEG program is filtered, multiplexed, and groomed.  The two output program streams may be sent to the QAM modulator or be exported via ASI output.  With the ability to multiplex two inputs onto a single QAM the H-2V-QAM is truly a unique piece of equipment.


 •  Two inputs are multiplexed onto a SINGLE QAM.
 •  Two input slots for either ASI, ATSC/QAM, analog NTSC, or IP Inputs
 •  High-quality QAM modulator

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