3G Jets are 1-2 HD/SD-3G SDI - GB Etherent-Audio-RS Data - AES over fiber

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The Thor Fiber 3G-Jets are high performance, extremely reliable, 1~2-channel 3G-SDI optical transceivers, finally combining the speed of 3G-SDI with Gigabit Ethernet in a compact throwdown unit.

The 3G-Jets support 3G-SDI transmission without compression, which is compliant with HD/SD-SDI and DVB-ASI, and supports an abundant of optional services including another 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Gigabit/Fast Ethernet, analog audio, RS422/RS485/RS232 or tally signals. All these services are mixed and transmitted over just one single fiber optic line, standard with ST/PC connectors, FC/SC optical interfaces are optional.

The Thor 3G-Jets are widely used in TV live broadcast, high-definition video conference, high-definition video monitoring, intelligent transportation system, Live sporting events and public security systems.



  • Compliant with SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard, supports 2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s
  • Supports DVB-ASI at 270Mb/s
  • Optional SDI input with loop back and dual SDI output
  • Supports 1080P@60, 50, 1080P@30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98, [email protected], 60, 50, [email protected], 60, 50, 30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98 and 625I, 525I
  • Integrated SDI re-clocker and cable equalizer
  • Embedded ESD and surge protection circuit to prevent damage from static and thunder
  • Supports SDI input and output lock status indicator
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 and 10M/100M/1000M auto-negotiation
  • RJ45 port and supports auto-MDI/MDIX
  • Supports LINK/ACT and speed status indicator

 Fast Ethernet

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3 and 10M/100M auto-negotiation
  • RJ45 port and supports auto-MDI/MDIX
  • Supports LINK/ACT and speed status indicator

AUX CARDS - Analog Audio, RS422/RS485/RS232 , Contact Closure

  • Up to 4 phoenix contact group and 5 pins in every group
  • Every 5-pin group can be configured to analog audio, RS422/RS485/RS232 or tally/contact closure independently
  • DC 12V power supply interface, with AC220V-DC12V adaptor outside



2-channel tally/contact closure output


2-channel tally/contact closure input


1-channel bi-directional contact closure


2-channel bi-directional RS485


1-channel bi-directional RS422


2-channel bi-directional RS232


4-channel analog audio input


4-channel analog audio output


2-channel bi-directional analog audio


1-channel AES audio input


1-channel AES audio output


Model Selection

Avialble products and matrix for 3G-Jets

F-1-3G                   1x3G/HD/SD-SDI optical transceiver
F-2-3G                   2x3G/HD/SD-SDI optical transceiver
F-1-3G-1B              1 x bi-directional 3G/HD/SD-SDI optical transceiver
F-1-3G-1GE            1x3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1x1000M Ethernet optical transceiver
F-2-3G-1GE            2x3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1x1000M Ethernet optical transceiver
F-1-3G-B-1GE         1xbi-directional 3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1x1000M Ethernet optical transceiver
F-1-3G-1FE-2AUX    1x3G/HD/SD-SDI, 1x100M Ethernet,  2AUX group optical transceiver
F-1-3G-4AUX          1x3G/HD/SD-SDI, 4 AUX group optical transceiver
F-1-3G-2AES          1x3G/HD/SD-SDI, 2xAES audio/1xbi-directional AES audio optical transceiver

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