4 Ch Video Over Fiber

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Fiber Optic Media Converter 4Ch Video

F-4V-Tx and F-4V-Rx  - 4 video over fiber

F-4VD-TX and F-4VD-RX 4 Video and return RS485 Data over fiber

Thor Fiber 4 Channel Composite Video over Fiber Transmitter and Receiver for easy transport of all your video over a single-mode (20km) or multimode(3000ft) fiber. 

There are many high-end security cameras out there that still shoot in the standard composite video.  Our line of F-SEC fiber transmitters is designed to extend the life of this equipment.   Our fiber optic security transmitters still use the same high-end 10-bit digital encoding that our broadcast transmitters use, just in a less expensive chassis.  We offer many different configurations and services with this line of products.  In addition to video, we can also carry data, Ethernet, telephone, or audio in the same unit.  Speak with a sales representative today to discuss specific options and pricing.  Our units come with standard single-mode optics with a transmitting distance of up to 20 km.  Other options for special wavelength optics and power outputs are available upon request. The F-4V-TX/RX is a 4 video over fiber TX/RX kit, the  F-4VD-TX/RX is a 4 Video in one direction, and an RS485 in the opposite direction TX/RX kit

Model Selection

F-4V-TX/RX including F-4V-Tx, F-4V-Rx 4 x CVBS Video only optical Transmitter and receiver kit

F-4VD-TX/RX including  F-4VD-Tx, F-4VD-Rx 4 x CVBS + Return RS485 Data Fiber optic transmitter and receiver kit

Other date formats like RS232, RS222, are available as special order products ( quotation base only)

  • Bandwidth
8.0 MHz
  • Quantization
10 - bit
  • DG:
1% typical
  • DP:
1 typical
  • SNR:
>67 dB
  • Bandwidth Per Channel
20Hz ~ 20KHz
  • Quantization
24 - bit
  • SNR:
> 75 dB
  • THD:
  • Interface Type

Return unidirectional RS-485 - default on the F-4VD-TX/RX

(RS232/422 are available as a special order only)

  • Operation Mode
  • Data Rate
  • Dimensions


LxWxH 6.5 x 5.25 x 1.25 ( including connectors)

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