8 DVB ASI Mux Over IP Gateway

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8 Channel DVB-ASI  to IP Ethernet Gateway


The H-8ASI-IP ASI over IP Gateway is designed to carry up to eight standard DVB ASI transport streams over a gigabit Ethernet IP network.  The unit can function as an IP stream transmitter, converting the ASI MPEG-2 transport stream into an IP stream for transport to multiple network locations.  The IP transport stream can also be multi-cast to many different locations and devices.  The signals can even be broadcast to computers running MPEG stream capture software such as VLC.  The H-8ASI-IP can also be paired with the 2pcs H-IP-4ASI allowing seamless transport of up to 8 ASI signals over an IP network. 




 •  Supports ASI to IP one-way conversion
 •  Supports one GE serial port, and inputs 1Gps data
 •  Supports UDP, unicast and multicast mode
 •  Supports maximum 8 channel ASI to IP conversion channels
 •  maximum bit-rate in each channel is 108Mbps, the maximum total bit-rate is 800Mbps
 •  Keyboard and NMS operation



8 channels ASI input interfaces


One GE output ports,RJ45 interface

Transfer Protocol





TS over UDP  unicast and multicast

Bit Rate

Max of each channel is 108Mbps
Max total bit-rate is 800Mbps

Dimensions (WxLxH)

482mm × 410mm × 44mm




0~45°C  Operating - 20~80°C Storage

Power Supply

100~240VAC, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

20 W


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