CATV RF Fiber Receiver - High RF power - Rack Mountable


Optical CATV RF Reciever -High RF Ouput Powe - Rack Moutable 


The F-RF-RX is used for receiving RF cable TV signals (45-870MHz) that are transmitted over an optical fiber.  The unit can receive optical signals in either the 1310nm or the 1550nm bands.  Designed to work well with the F-RF-TX units, the F-RF-RX are built with one optical receivers as well as one power supply. A second redundant power supply can be included, please contact a Thor Fiber sales rep for pricing. The F-RF-RX features an easy to read front panel LCD screen that displays relative operating status and fault information.  All operating parameters of the F-RF-RX series receivers are designed for high reliability and suitable fore even the most high end applications.

Product features

  •  Optical Automatic Gate Control (AGC)
  •  Able to recieve optical signals in either 1310nm or 1550nm bands.
  •  All working parameters controlled by a microprocessor and displayed on screen\
  •  Optical reciever with SC/APC 
  •  Easy to read RF parameters displayed on LCD screen









Product Specifications  
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Optical Features  
Wavelength 1310 - 1568 nm
Linewidth < 1 MHz   FWHM
Side Mode Suppression Ratio > 45 dB   SMSR
Return Loss > 55 dB
Optical Fiber Connector SC/APC Standard FC/APC Optional
RF Features  
Work Bandwidth 45 - 862 MHz
Input Level 19 - 21 dBmV   MGC
Flatness <± 0.75    45 - 862 MHz
Return Loss > 16 dB
Input Impedance 75 Ohm   RF Input
RF Interface F-Type or by request
Link Features  
Transmit Channel PAL-D/60CH     NTSC/80CH
CNR > 50 dB   on 10Km optical fiber
CTB < -63 dB
CSO < -57 dB
SBC restrain > 17 dBm
General Features  
Network Managment RJ45 & RS232      Supports I.E. & SNMP
Power Supply 90~265VAC       -48VDC optional(30~60VDC)
Power Consumption < 50 W
Working Temp -5 - 65  ?
Storage Temp -40 - 85 ?
Operating Humidity 5 - 95 %
Size 19×10×1.75     (W)x(D)x(H)

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