Fiber Optic Power Meter Universal connector ST, SC, FC

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It is an extremely useful tool and can save a lot of time during any fiber optic applications and installations.

The meter can measure optical power at any junction point.

Every fiber optic transmitter emits an optical signal at a certain specified power.

This power can be measured directly from the transmitter using a short fiber optic jumper. After connecting all the fibers to the end, the measurement can be taken at the end of the fiber.

This way, the difference between the TX power and the receiver power can be determined.

The fiber optic cable has an insertion loss of 0.35db for 1310nm and 0.25db for 1550nm. Optical power can also be lost at the fiber connections (about 0.1db). Loss can also occur due to dirty connectors, bends in the fiber, or the use of an optical splitter.

By measuring the optical level at the receiver, we can determine two things:

  1. We can ascertain that there are no problems with the fiber itself and that the losses are as predicted and calculated.
  2. We can check if the power at the receiver is not exceeding the OPTICAL RECEIVER SENSITIVITY.

Here's a study case:

Let's say the TX output power is -2dBm.

The TX operates at 1310nm.

The fiber optic distance is 15Km (predicted insertion loss = 5.25db).

The measurement at the receiver should be -2 - 5.25 = -7.25dBm.

If the loss is greater than -7.25 ±2db, it means there might be an issue with optical loss.

If the receiver sensitivity of the RECEIVER is greater than -7.25dBm, the link will perform without any issues.



Function: can measure 8 standard wavelengths 850/980/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625/1650nm, test range: -70dBm ~+6dBm~+6dBm.

Support lighting, support automatic shutdown, support backlight selection, support wavelength memory function, and support user calibration.

Support FC/SC/ST universal interface, support RJ45 testing, and support simultaneous display of linear mW and non-linear index dBm.

The light power meter, test precision, fine workmanship, and easy to carry. Comes with manual.

Lifetime friendly customer service


Model Selection



Calibration Wavelength: 800~1700nm
Optical Connector: FC/SC/ST universal interface
Detector Type: InGaAs
Measurement Range: -70 ~ 10dBm
Accuracy: ±0.05dB
Standard wavelength: 850, 980, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625,1650nm
Display resolution:mW:0.1% ,dBm:0.01dBm
Working temperature:-10~+60?
Storage temperature :-30~+70?
Auto off time:10Min
Battery continuous operating time:≥72h
Dimension(mm): 11.2x6.6x3cm
Weight: 140g
Package incdluing
1x Fiber Optical Power Meter
1x RJ45 test module
1x User Manual
Not including the battery

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