CATV RF QAM ATSC Analog NTSC PAL Signal Level Meter and tester 5Mhz-780Mhz

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H-RF-MET is designed to quickly measure Cable CATV RF signals or signals from off-air ATSC antennas within the frequency range of 5-870 MHz.

CATV RF transmission over coax can pose various challenges due to RF losses in coaxial networks. dB losses can occur due to CATV RF splitters as well as the length of coaxial cable used. Different frequencies experience different losses in coaxial cables, and it also depends on the type and rating of the coaxial cable.

Having a meter during Coax RF installations is highly beneficial as it allows you to check the strength of the CATV RF signal, ensuring it is sufficient for detection by the TV's tuner. An RF meter also saves significant troubleshooting time by identifying any video imperfections and ruling out the possibility of dB being too low or too high in RF power


Example how to troubleshoot a Coaxial Network

Modern TV's have a relativly wide RF tuner sensitivity, which can receive RF from 0 to 30dBmv, a signal below or above that range shows as not readable, the tuner can't find the program.

Modulator ouputs +40dBmv, the coax has its own RF insertion loss and it depends of the RF channel frequency, Distance and Coax Cable Type are often the disruptors of seemless installs. 

The biggest loss is usually related to the RF Splitters and RF TAP's , which have their own losses.

This is a link to RF splitters where you can find common losses

If the measured level by the TV's are between 0 to 30dbmv, TV will display the Video, if it's higher then an attenuator is needed, if too low then an RF amplifier is needed.

H-SP-1x2 -4.5db loss

H-SP-1x4 - 7db loss

H-SP-1x8  12db Loss

H-SP-1x16 12db loss

H-SP-1x12 -14.5db loss



H-SP-1x24 18db Loss

This is a link to our Amplifiers



  • High-Performance Surveying Instrument: Signal level meter
  • Working Channels: All QAM ATSC NTSC PAL
  • U.S. Standard Channel USA STD-CATV/U.S.
  • Digital standard channels USA STD-CATV.  47MHz ~ 870MHz, Measuring range: 30dBuV ~ 120 dBuV
  • Liquid Crystal Display
  • Compact Size, easy to carry through jobsites
Model Selection


Frequency Range : 47MHz ~ 870MHz
Channel: U.S Standard Channel USA STD-CATV/U.S. digital standard channels USA STD-CATV DVBC-ANnex A / B
Frequency accuracy: ± 50 * 10E-6 (20°C ± 5°C)
Resolution: 50KHz
Measurement bandwidth: 280KHz ± 50KHz
          Level measurement
Measuring range: 30dBuV ~ 120 dBuV
Measurement accuracy: ± 2dB (20°C ± °C)
Resolution: 0.5dB
Detection method: peak detection
Input Impedance: 75ω (unbalanced, F-type connector)
          Carrier-to-noise ratio measurement
Measuring range: 20dB ~ 50 dB



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