HDMI to QAM, HDMI to ASI, Modulator with Wifi Out

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H-2HDMI-QAM-WIFI HDMI to QAM Modulator with Wireless IP Output

The H-2HDMI-QAM platform now has the option of including a built in Wifi adapter.  This makes wireless broadcasting of encoded video simple.  The Integrated wifi adaper can be used to set up its own SSID for the systems own wireless video network.  The adapter can also be programed to connect to an existing SSID for insertion of the video programing onto an existing network.  This modulator is based on our standard HDMI to QAM platform.  All of the exciting features of this platform are present in our Wifi enabled system.  This system is also compatible with HDMI video, meaning you can modulate HD video from a standard HDMI source.  This model is a 2 channel system, but you can also add programing via an ASI input.  The input ASI programs can be cherry picked to pass over the Wifi adapter and IP output.  The ASI programing will also be modulated onto the outgoing QAM channel.  This unit is also availible in DVB-C and 8VSB versions.  These units also have an internal RF combiner to allow combination of programing from other modulators. 


 •  Inputs 2 HDMI with embeded audio at full HD Resolutions

 •  Streaming IP output on all channels including ASI input through integrated Wifi adapter

 •  2 full frame encoders for broadcast quality encoding on all channels

 •  High definition encoding in H.264 format for the latest in HD programing

 •  Adjustable output RF power level for driving a large number of displays

 •  Integrated web management for easy control and configuration

 •  Supports the following converstions:

     •  HDMI to QAM

     •  HDMI to IP

     •  HDMI to Wifi

     •  HDMI to ASI

     •  ASI to QAM

     •  ASI to IP

     •  ASI to Wifi

Video Inputs                       
  • HDMI
2 Independent HDMI 1.4
36 Bit Color Depth
1080p/720p Resolutions
60, 59.94, and 50 fps
HDMI Audio Stereo sound
Audio Inputs  
  • HDMI
2 HDMI with Embeded Audio
Video Encoding  
  • HD Encoding
Two simultaneous Channels
of Encoded HD Video, full
frame and full resolution
  Each channel can be configured
independently with its own
encoding resolution and parameters
  •  Encoding Level
HP@L4 HD High Profile
  •  Compression Modes
Programmable GOP
Hierarchical mothion estimation
Statistical VBR Multiplexing
CBR Mode
.4 to 20 Mbps
Low Encoding Delay 100-400ms
Programmable PID's
PSI generation, service name
 Audio Encoding  
  •  Encoding Profiles
MPEG1 Layer 2, All Modes
AAC-LC AC3 Option Availible
Surround Sound Passthrough
 ASI Multiplexing  
  •  ASI Input
1 ASI MPTS Input external encoding
188/204 Transport Stream standard
Up to 214 Mpbs ASI MPTS Input
  •  Remultiplexing
Modification of Service Information
Real Time PID editing
Combine additional programs to output
Full Managment of PID Information
Remultiplexing of Input ASI
Fully controlled by NMS software
 RF Output  
  •  Modulation Standard
Frequency Range 47-862 MHz
Built in RF Mixer
RF Output level adjustable 85-102 dBuV
64 QAM or 256 QAM
IPTV Output  
  • IP Streaming Output

MPTS IP Streaming Output

Wifi Outupt 802.11G/N

Simultaneous RF output
Ideal for TV over WiFi applications
UDP Multicast with full IGMP support
Unicast up to 90 Mbps per client
Fully Managed by NMS Software
Compatible with any IP Set Top Box
Viewable on computers via software

Question and Answers
Unfortunately, this product is in the folder on our website listed under "past generation equipment" 
Products >  Past Generation Equipment  >   HDMI to QAM, HDMI to ASI, Modulator with Wifi Out
For current HDMI to ASI to products we have these models available
Please let me know if you are looking for any units with just HDMI to ASI, or if there are other urgent necessities required as well. 
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