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F-SBAND 5 GHz RF S Band over Fiber Transmitter and Reciever

The F-SBAND is used to transmit and receive uplink and downlink signals up to 5 GHz. This is useful for links in between control rooms or NOCs. The F-SBAND system offers a high performance alternative to conventional coaxial link systems, both reducing attenuation and eliminating the need for a waveguide. The unit functions as a transperent link, transporting all satellite modulation formats over a single fiber. Typically an S-Band fiber link consists of an optical transmitter that recieves the RF signal and transmits it over singlmode fiber to an optical reciever which converts the optical signal back to RF. The F-SBAND link is a cost effective and high performance solution for S Band over fiber Satellite links.


• Useful Bandwidth up to 5 GHz
• S Band Over Fiber transport for links up to 120 Km
• Highly Linear for Analog Transmission
• Low RIN, Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser
• Broadband LiNbO3 Modulator
• Linear PIN reciever with TIA
• Optional single port design allows Bi-directional Transmission with 1 fiber
• Optional RF amplifier to enhance gain



Model Selection

Model Number


  • F-SBAND-Tx-10

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 10km

  • F-SBAND-Rx-10

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 10km

  • F-SBAND-Tx-40

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 40km

  • F-SBAND-Rx-40

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 40km

  • F-SBAND-Tx-80

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 80km

  • F-SBAND-Rx-80

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 80km

  • F-SBAND-Tx-120

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 120km

  • F-SBAND-Rx-120

S-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 120km



*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice

  • Frequency Range

1070 - 5000 MHz

  • Out of Band Rejection

>70 dB

  • Flatness

± 0.2 dB / 48 MHz
± 0.7 dB / 500 MHz (typ.)
± 1.0 dB / Full band (typ.)

  • Intermodulation

 -50 dBc (max.), -55 dBc (typ.)

  • CNR

(36 MHz BW) >50 dBc

Input Signal


  • Low Gain Setting

-25 to -40 dBm

  • High Gain Setting

-10 to -40 dBm

  • Gain Stability @ Constant Temp

± 0.15 dB / 24 hours

OIP3 (from min to max gain)


  • Low Gain Setting

-15 to 0 dBm (typ.)

  • High Gain Setting

0 to +15 dBm (typ.)

Noise Figure @ max input gain


  • Low Gain Setting

<22 dB (typ.)

  • High Gain Setting

<9 dB (typ.)

  • Group Delay Variation

Peak to peak 0.4 ns (typ.)

  • Input/Output Impedance

50 Ohm

  • Input/Output VSWR


Maximum RF Input (with no damage)


  • High Gain Setting  

-10 dBm

  • Low Gain Setting 

+5 dBm

  • Gain Control Manual front panel


  • Test Port Coupling

20 dB ± 1.0

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