IPTV to 8, 16 or 24 CLEAR CHANNEL RF QAM/ATSC Modulator

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Edge QAM Modulator for IPTV backbone to Clear QAM RF

Thor Broadcast model H-IPRF-QAM will modulate IPTV transport streams to Clear-QAM RF channels


1RU Chassis

Ordering Model #

Number of Blade Modules

Total QAM CH Out

Total IP



Total IP MPTS Inputs

Total Content Max Bitrate


1 Card

8 RF

256 SPTS

8   MPTS

840   Mbps


2 Cards

16 RF

512 SPTS


1680 Mbps


3 Cards

24 RF

768 SPTS


2520 Mbps


The IPRF-QAM line of modulator blades from Thor are high density edge modulators designed to take content delivered via an IP backbone or CDN system and modulate the programming onto digital QAM cable channels for distribution over coax. This product group includes a 1RU chassis supporting up to 3 modules and a 4RU chassis supporting up to 12 modules.  Each module is a fully independent system, with its own dedicated management and is fully isolated from the other modules in the chassis. The H-IPRF-8QAM module supports an impressive density for its small form factor.  Each module supports 8 full RF channels on adjacent frequencies. The 8 channels are individually mapped for input IP addresses, with each channel supporting up to 32 single program IP inputs or one multi program IP and port value. The IPTV programming input is standard headend format, meaning basic UDP unicast or IGMP multicast address and port format. This impressive density allows a single chassis conversion of an IPTV Ethernet backbone feed to be converted to a full digital cable lineup with hundreds of channels.


IPRF-QAM modules are the entry level modulator blade for the IPRF product line. Systems based on these chassis provide clear QAM output that is not encrypted, meaning any digital cable ready TV or set top box will be able to decode the channels without the need for subscriber card or decoder box.  Because there is no content protection, these systems are limited to private cable systems or corporate MATV systems.  For larger commercial systems Thor offers modules that provide conditional access by scrambling the programs.  In addition to the IPRF family of modules, there is also an IP only multiplexing and scrambling module that is able to accept unprotected IPTV program streams, multiplex and scramble each channel, and output encrypted MPTS streams protected by conditional access.  In addition to encryption support, the IPRF product line now also offers support for North American ATSC (8VSB) modulation as well as world terrestrial DVB-T channel formats.

THOR IP to RF Chassis & Blade Systems

Advantages for High Density H-IPRF System


4RU Chassis

Ordering Model #

Number of Blade Modules

Total QAM CH Out

Total IP



Total IP MPTS Inputs

Total Content Max Bitrate


4 Cards

32 RF

1024 SPTS


3360 Mbps


5 Cards

40 RF

1280 SPTS


4200 Mbps


6 Cards

48 RF

1536 SPTS


5040 Mbps


7 Cards

56 RF

1792 SPTS


5880 Mbps


8 Cards

64 RF

2048 SPTS


6420 Mbps


9 Cards

72 RF

2304 SPTS


7260 Mbps


10 Cards

80 RF

2560 SPTS


8100 Mbps


11 Cards

88 RF

2816 SPTS


8940 Mbps


12 Cards

96 RF

3072 SPTS


9780 Mbps


In addition to high density edge modulators for QAM origination, Thor also specializes in Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) equipment and system design.  Thor’s full turnkey solution product line even extends to headend encoding platforms with the goal of being the only equipment provider you will ever need.  All of our staff of trained applications engineers are available to answer any questions you might have and to recommend available solutions that you may not be aware of. Contact a sales representative today if you would like more information on receiving a free consultation and system design.


Thor part number H-IPRF systems are high density card based modulator chassis.  Card bays support T108 modulator cards with two independent systems per card, each with 4x adjacent QAM-256 outputs and 5 UDP IP addresses and ports.  Each IP input can support MPTS inputs up to 108 Mbps, with the total input per Gigabit Ethernet port having a maximum aggregate program stream input up to 870 Mbps.   This capacity allows the 3024 chassis to modulate up to 96 HD programs per chassis, or up to 400 SD programs when properly configured on QAM-256.  The front panel has keyed switches for both power supply units, as well as a toggle for the alarm system.  When armed, the unit will emit an audible alarm tone when an alarm event such as a lost video input is detected. The mainboard in the chassis includes a high capacity TS multiplexer that is able to route programs from one input card to another. This allows any input on any card to be dynamically remapped in any arrangement to any output configuration. This provides full matrix routing of all programs for cherry picking custom lineups for the RF outputs. Thor H-IPRF systems are the highest density digital channel modulators available. This platform is ideal for corporate MATV and hospitality industries.

  • IP RF Blade can input up to 256 SPTS or 8 MPTS
  • Up to 3 IP-RF Blades can be installed in this chassis
  • Each blade outputs 8 Clear QAM Channels
  • Chassis with 3 modules will output a total of 24 QAM HD Channels  
  • 1 GE input (RJ45interface) for each Blade Card
  • Supports unicast and multicast, supports IGMP v2/v3
  • Max 840Mbps for all inputs
  • Supports MPEG2/4 multiplexing (MPTS pass through, SPTS re-multiplex)
  • Each module can output 8 Clear QAM RF frequencies in two groups of 4 adjacent channels
  • High Density Clear QAM Modulator System for IP to RF
  • Full QAM-256 outputs per card in two groups of 4 adjacent channels
  • Available in 3x (H-IPRF-3024) or 12x (H-IPRF-12096) card chassis
  • Every 4 adjacent RF carriers independently managed system
  • Supports worldwide DVB standards: QAM, 8VSB, DVB-T, DVB-C, and ISDB-T
  • Front panel indicators for alarm status and system event errors
  • IP Input for use with IPTV Media Servers and Internet CDN Services
  • Assign up to 30x IP addresses per 3 blades, up to 120x IP for 12 blades
  •  Each card supports 2 independent systems, dual power supplies
  • High Density IP to QAM Blade Modules with 8 RF Out
  • 3 or 12 Bay Chassis Support up to 96 Full Multi-Program QAM Channels
  • Dual Power supplies in a three bay 1RU or a 12 bay 4RU rack chassis
  • Each modulator blade is fully independent and provides 8 full QAM outputs
  • Each card processes up to 256 unique SPTS or 8 MPTS network streams
  • All programs can be cherry picked and re-multiplexed with PID remapping
  • Secondary redundant gigabit network interface for maximum reliability

*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice


2x Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 or SFP Interface

Stream Protocol

UDP-TS Multicast or Unicast IGMP V2/V3

Code Rate

108 Mbps / channel

840 Mbps / card

Input Channels

Up to 10 IP Addresses / Ports

Output Channels

Up to 8 IP Addresses / Ports

Max PIDs

Process up to 256 unique PIDs

Multiplexing Functions

PID Remapping

PCR Fine Tuning

PSI / SI Generation

RF Outputs

8x QAM

RF Standards


Symbol Rates

5.0 - 7.0 Msps

RF Interface

2x Type-F (4 Carriers per terminal)

RF Frequency

45 - 870 MHz

RF Adjustment
-14 dBm - 6 dBm

Power Input

100-240 VAC Auto Switching ~ 20 W


630 x 440 x 44 mm


9.5 kg

Operating Temperature

0 - 45 C

Question and Answers
The above unit has since been replaced by a newer model(link below, specs and cartoons included); however we still have availability of the former if you're interested. https://thorbroadcast.com/product/iptv-to-16-32-clear-channel-rf-qam-atsc-modulator.html This unit is available with 16 or 32 QAM output. Transport Protocol - TS over UDP / RTP unicast and multicast, IGMP V2 / V3. Modulation parameters: QAM Channel - 16 non-adjacent carriers Modulation Standard - EN300 429 / ITU-T J.83A / B Symbol Rate - 5.0 ~ 7.0Msps, stepping 1ksps Constellation - 16, 32, 64, 128, 256QAM FEC - RS (204, 188) RF Output Interface - 1 F-type output for 16 carriers, 75 impedance RF Range - 50 ~ 960MHz, stepping 1kHz Output Level - -20dBm ~ + 10dBm (~ 87 117db?V), 0.1dB stepping MAYOR - ? 40dB ACLR - -60 dBc As for the MAC address, its defined by the unit, not by each individual stream - so every IP output will have the same mac address. Please reach out should you have any further specific questions we can help assist with.
Unfortunately that is a past generation unit that we are no longer manufacturing.
Our current IP to ATSC models are these two, eight and sixteen options:

That is correct; these units can ingest those UDP multicast programs and convert them to single ATSC channel, but the total bit rate for those 16 streams cant be higher than 19.2Mbps.

 However, neither of those units are ATSC 3.0; they are ATSC 1.0. ATSC 3.0 is fully implemented and common.

We also have IP to CATV QAM modulators (cable TV modulation standard), which are more commonly used for local coax distribution.

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