Thor Fiber carries a full line of Gigabit Ethernet SFP trancievers For JDSU systems.  All of our JDSU SFP's are certified to work with all JDSU routers, switches, and media converters.  We offer everything from basic copper RJ-45 based units all the way up to 80km singlemode fiber DWDM channel units.  Contact us today to find the specific SFP you are looking for.


Model #

Distance (nm) Price Buy
3CRJ-0.15 150m copper CALL CALL
3C850-0.5 500m 850nm CALL CALL
3C1310-10 10km 1310nm CALL CALL
3C1310-20 20km 1310nm CALL CALL
3C1550-40 40km 1550nm CALL CALL
3C1550-80 80km 1550nm CALL CALL
3C1550-CWx 10-80km CWDM Ch CALL CALL
3C1550-DWx 10-80km DWDM Ch CALL CALL
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