K-BAND over Fiber

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F-KBAND  25 GHz Wide Band K Band Over Fiber Optic Transceiver

The F-KBAND series wide band laser transceivers are designed for enabling a high linearity optical link for RF over fiber in the K-BAND up to 25 GHz.  The unit can also be used as a repeater for extending the transmission distance of a 30 Gb/s link.  The F-KBAND incorporates a broadband optical transmitter and linear receiver into a compact rack mounted unit.  The F-KBAND can be used for carrying almost any type of RF modulated signals such as RF over Fiber (RFoG), satellite/IF link, WiMax optical link, microwave over fiber, and mobile signals in fiber.  The unit uses a lithium-niobate external modulator to convert input microwave/RF signals to optical waveforms from a frequency range of 100 kHz up to 25 GHz.  The F-KBAND maintains excellent gain flatness over a wide frequency range due to a very narrow line width DFB laser.  K Band over fiber transmission distances of up to 120 km are possible using singlemode optical fiber.


 • Useful Bandwidth up to 20 GHz
 • K Band Over Fiber for links up to 120 km
 • Highly Linear for Analog Transmission
 • Low RIN, Narrow Linewidth DFB Laser
 • Broadband LiNbO3 Modulator
 • High Power Linear PIN reciever
 • Optional RF amplifier to enhance gain

Model Selection
Model Number Description  
  • F-KBAND-Tx-10
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 10km  
  • F-KBAND-Rx-10
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 10km  
  • F-KBAND-Tx-40
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 40km  
  • F-KBAND-Rx-40
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 40km  
  • F-KBAND-Tx-80
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 80km  
  • F-KBAND-Rx-80
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 80km  
  • F-KBAND-Tx-120
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Transmitter for 120km  
  • F-KBAND-Rx-120
K-BAND Singlemode Fiber Reciever for 120km  
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
  • Frequency Range
15.0 - 30.0 GHz
  • Out of Band Rejection
>70 dB
  • Flatness
± 0.2 dB / 48 MHz
± 0.7 dB / 500 MHz (typ.)
± 1.0 dB / Full band (typ.)
  • Intermodulation
 -50 dBc (max.), -55 dBc (typ.)
  • CNR
(36 MHz BW) >50 dBc

Input Signal

  • Low Gain Setting
-25 to -40 dBm
  • High Gain Setting
-10 to -40 dBm
  • Gain Stability @ Constant Temp
± 0.15 dB / 24 hours
OIP3 (from min to max gain)  
  • Low Gain Setting
-15 to 0 dBm (typ.)
  • High Gain Setting
0 to +15 dBm (typ.)
  • Noise Figure @ max input gain
Low Gain Setting <22 dB (typ.)
  • High Gain Setting
<9 dB (typ.)
  • Group Delay Variation
Peak to peak 0.4 ns (typ.)
  • Input/Output Impedance
50 Ohm
  • Input/Output VSWR
Maximum RF Input (with no damage)  
  • High Gain Setting  
-10 dBm
  • Low Gain Setting 
+5 dBm
  • Gain Control Manual front panel
  • Test Port Coupling
20 dB ± 1.0
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