Managed 16 Ch ASI Distribution Amplifier

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H-ASI-AMP-16  Managed DVB-ASI or SDI Distribution amplifier

The H-ASI-AMP is a signal distribution amplifier for ASI or SDI signals.  We build ASI distribution amplifier units with 2 to 16 outputs.  The units accepts ASI and SDI signals at any bitrate.  A key feature of our H-ASI-AMP is that the outputs are reclocked,  this resolves any issues with signal jitter and provides a clean output.  This not only improves the quality of the incoming signal, it allows for much longer cable runs from the outputs.  The H-ASI-AMP is a perfect solution for distribution of transport stream signals from devices such as encoders or servers.  With a distribution amp such as this the output signal from an ASI multiplexer can be amplified for distribution to many different devices.

  • One to sixteen Re-clocked and buffered output amplifier
  • Very Low jitter due to signal reclocking
  • LED indicator every ASI outputs work state
  • Conforms to ASI Standard, compatible with SDI Video signal.
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice

ASI Input


Input Connector

1x ASI input,BNC(75)
Accordign with EN50083-9 ASIConnector
standard,SMPTE259M standard,SDI Video signal
Reflect impedance: <[email protected]

ASI Output


Output Connector

8(ASI5108)or 16(ASI5116) ASI
Accordign with EN50083-9 ASIConnector
standard,SMPTE259M standard,SDI Video signal

Reflect impedance

<[email protected]

Lower residual jitter

[email protected] Equalizer



Output Level



Power Supply

AC 90-250V 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Operating temperature


Storage temperature



318mm( L)X 483mm(W)X 44mm(H)(1RU)


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