Network Video Processing Switch

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Hardware VLC Network Video Switch with HDMI


Convert IP Video between UDP, RTP, RTSP, HTTP with local HDMI monitoring

Thor engineers have been working with IP video streams since they were created.  The Network Video Switch system is a commercial version of a tool developed for internal use in the Thor lab.  This system combines a powerful embedded computer CPU with a VLC based OS and a Gigabit networking switch.  VLC (Video LAN Client) is an open source program for encoding and decoding video.  This well know program can be used for almost any type of IP transport stream manipulation or protocol conversion.  Thor NVS systems are based on a purpose built system on chip computer running a custom linux operating system built around VLC.  While it is possible to control the CPU with a local USB keyboard, it is designed to be remotely accessed through a web browser.  More advanced users will find a fully customizable Debian kernel that can fully configured to suit their needs.  A fully integrated gigabit network switch gives this platform additional functions.  The Ethernet switch is useful for multicast applications, and can be used as a brige between local and closed subnets.  The linux CPU supports full rate local decoding up to 1080p60, and can convert IP video from one protocol to another while decoding for local display on HDMI.  This platform is intended for users who are already familiar with IP video and VLC.  Any VLC terminal command or batch operation can be run through the web interface.  Basic transcoding operations are supported, such as down scaling video resolution and audio codec transcoding.  For engineers working with IP video, Thor NVS has thousands of possible applications for internet protocol video and audio.


 • Integrated ARM9 SoC 2Gb DDR3 800MHz RAM and 4 (+1) Port Gigabit Network Switch

 • Custom Debian OS built specifically for VLC with dual Gigabit NICs

 • Perfect for converting IP video between protocols and for confidence monitoring

 • Can play or record content from USB or E-SATA drives to IP video in any protocol

 • USB 2.0 port can also be used with wireless networking adapters

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