OTDR Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

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An Optical Time Domain Reflectometer sends out a flash of bright light, and measures the intensity of echo or reflections. This weak signal is averaged to reduce detection noise, and computation is used to display faults, measure losses such as caused by bends, splicing or connectors.

This instrument is for measuring points loss on installed systems, where it is used to find faults and measure point losses such as caused by splicing. However to do this accurately is more complicated and time consuming than is commonly supposed, since a measurement should be taken from both ends of the system, and then averaged. If this is not done, spurious excess losses and \"gainers\" may be recorded where different fibers are joined, resulting in wasted splicing effort while non-existent faults are \"repaired\". This is a particular issue when measuring the fusion splice joints, where the loss is small, and the adjacent sections may have fibers with different intrinsic backscatter characteristics.

Ideeally OTDRs are used for return loss measurements.




  1. FTTX test with PON networks
  2. CATV network testing
  3. Access network testing 
  4. LAN network testing
  5. Metro network testing 
  6. Lab and Factory testing
  7. Live fiber troubleshooting


Thor fiber OTDR Test Example

Thor fiber OTDR pictures and funcionality

Test Interface

F-OTDR series OTDR could display Splice loss, Connector loss, Fiber attenuation, Reflection of points, Link opitcal return loss and distance to fiber events etc. With test information in a smart way, you could get detailed information immediately.

Quick fit in short time
Simplified display style and structured menus help reduce the time of study.

FTTH test within PON networks

F-OTDR series model T43F, are dedicated to testing of PON network maintenance and troubleshooting without service disruption.

Last mile master
F-OTDR series OTDR could easily test through 1x32 PLC splitter in PON test (Model: F-OTDR-T43F).

  • Integrated design, smart and rugged
  • IP65 protection level, outdoor enhanced
  • 7-inch anti-reflection LCD screen
  • PON online test module (1625nm) is optional
  • MMF test module (850/1300nm) is optional
  • Support multi-language display and input


  • Dimension 
1.5kg (battery included)
  • Display
7 inch TFT-LCD with LED backlight (touch screen function is optional)
  • Interface
1×RJ45 port, 3×USB port (USB 2.0, Type A USB×2, Type B USB×1)
  • Power Supply
10V(dc), 100V(ac) to 240V(ac), 50~60Hz
  • Battery
7.4V(dc)/4.4Ah lithium battery (with air traffic certification)
Operating time: 12 hours?, Telcordia GR-196-CORE
Charging time: <4 hours (power off)
  • Power Saving
Backlight off: Disable/1 to 99 minutes
Auto shutdown: Disable/1 to 99 minutes
  • Data Storage
Internal memory: 4GB (about 40,000 groups of curves)
  • Language
User selectable
  • Environmental Conditions
Operating temperature and humidity: -10?~+50?, ≤95% (non-condensation)
Storage temperature and humidity: -20?~+75?, ≤95% (non-condensation)
Proof: IP65 (IEC60529)
  • Accessories
Standard: Main unit, power adapter, Lithium battery, 
FC adapter, USB cord, 
User guide, CD disk, carrying case
Optional: SC/ST/LC adapter, Bare fiber adapter

Technical parameter

Type Testing Wavelength 
(MM: ±20nm, SM: ±10nm)
Dynamic Range (dB) Event/Attenuation Dead-zone (m)
  • F-OTDR-MD22
  • F-OTDR-T43F
1310/1550/1625 43/41/41 1/5

Test parameter

  • Pulse Width
Single mode: 3ns, 5ns, 10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1μs, 2μs, 5μs, 10μs, 20μs
Multi-mode: 3ns, 5ns, 10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 200ns, 500ns, 1μs, 2μs
  • Testing Distance
Single mode: 100m, 500m, 2km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 40km, 80km, 120km, 160km, 240km
Multi-mode: 500m, 2km, 5km, 10km, 20km, 40km
  • Sampling Resolution 
Minimum 5cm
  • Sampling Point
Maximum 128,000 points
  • Linearity 
  • scale Indication
X axis: 4m~70m/div, Y axis: Minimum 0.09dB/div
  • Distance Resolution
  • Distance Accuracy 
±(1m+measuring distance×3×10-5+sampling resolution) (excluding IOR uncertainty)
  • Reflectance Accuracy
Single mode: ±2dB, multi-mode: ±4dB
  • IOR Setting
1.4000~1.7000, 0.0001 step
  • Units
Km, miles, feet
  • OTDR Trace Format
Telcordia universal, SOR, issue 2 (SR-4731)
OTDR: User selectable automatic or manual set-up
  • Testing Modes
Visual fault locator: Visible red light for fiber identification and troubleshooting
Light source: Stabilized Light Source (CW, 270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz output)
Field microscope probe
  • Fiber Event Analysis
-Reflective and non-reflective events: 0.01 to 1.99dB (0.01dB steps)
-Reflective: 0.01 to 32dB (0.01dB steps)
-Fiber end/break: 3 to 20dB (1dB steps)
  • Other Functions
Real time sweep: 1Hz
Averaging modes: Timed (1 to 3600 sec.)
Live Fiber detect: Verifies presence communication light in optical fiber
Trace overlay and comparison
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