SC/APC to SC/APC, Duplex, 3.0mm, Singlemode Patch Cable

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A cost-effective solution that provides high bandwidth and transmission rates over long distances. This high-quality single-mode fiber optic patch cable is specifically designed using SMF-28e fiber for ethernet applications. Each connection has great durability and is resistant to pulls, strains and impacts during installation.

Our cables are 100% optically inspected and tested for insertion loss before you receive them. A pull-proof jacket design surrounds the Single-mode, OS2, 9/125 fiber which is immune to electrical interference.

  • Single mode fiber optic cable (SM).
  • It has SC/APC connector on one end and SC/APC connector on the other end.
  • Cable verified 100%, of first quality and LSZH (Low Smoke Halogen Free).
  • Total section of 3.0 mm cable (including kevlar fiber and yellow sheath).
  • Cable length of 1m & 3m.
Connector SC/APC - SC/APC
Length 1 Meter ( 3.28 ft)
Mode Single-mode, OS2, 9/125
Type Simplex
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