1 HD-SDI + 2 10/100 Ethernet +RS485 + Audio over single fiber TX/RX

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The F-1MSDI-2ET  - 1 HD-SDI + 2 10/100  Ethernet  + RS 485 + ( Analog Audio optional)  over single fiber Extender

1 Unidirectional HD-SDI
2 Shared Bi-directional 10/100 Ethernet (2 RJ45 Ports)
1 Uni-Directional RS485 (Tx to Rx)
2 Analog Audios (optional)

The Thor Fiber F-M1SDI-2ET is a compact power house that will allow any user to transport one single channel of 1.485Gbps HD-SDI Serial Data Interface uni-directionally while simultaneously transmitting two fast Ethernet 10/100Mb/s data. Furthermore this Thor Fiber Kit of Transmitter and Receiver will send RS485 in reverse for easy control over the kit. This sturdy unit creates an easy drop environment for users that require HD-SDI and Dual Fast Ethernet across any application and even allows additional AUX Cards which can allow a plethora of other options such as RS232 and RS422, and even capable of carrying external analog audio instead of the SDI embedded audio. Thor Fiber has an excellent reputation for high quality and low cost products to help complete your project on time, in a loss free high quality kit that will ensure you stay under budget. Commonly used in security applications, live performance environments, video surveillance, SDI distribution and control in any environment.

Units could have 2 diferent form factors 

  • Stand Alone
  • Blade- Card  - CA

1 HD-SDI+2 10/100  Etherent over single fiber Extender

Base Model  F-M1SDI-2ET-TX/RX support single mode fiber up to 20Km and it has ST/PC connector




Model Selection

Addition Available  AUX Cards:  - (External Analog Audio, 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, RS422, RS232) (add $)

AUX cards selection:



1-channel bidirectional RS422




2-channel bidirectional RS232




2-channel bidirectional audio




2-channel unidirectional audio output



2-channel unidirectional audio input



4-channel unidirectional audio input



4-channel unidirectional audio output



2-channel contact closure input



2-channel contact closure output





  • HD-SDI Input


0 - 1.5 Gbps Serial Digital Signal

  • Number of Input

 1 SDI (Uni-Directional)
 1 RS-485
 2 Auxiliary

2 10/100 Etherent -Shared (RJ45)

  • Signal Level
> 380mVp-p
  • Impedance
  • Connector
  • Distance
20Km (40, 60, 100Km Available )
  • Mini box
  • Power Supply
 130 - 260 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption
  • Temperature
 0 to +70 Degree
  • Humidity
0 to 95%
  • Connector
ST/PC or  ( FC/PC or SC/PC or SC/APC optional)
  • Optical Channels
TDM type 
  • RH
  • LED Status Indic


Power, Link

Question and Answers
The unit does not need any control, it works almost like a passive device, whatever is coming in, is going out on the other side. The second ethernet port is for convenience, you can connect different devices to it ..The ethernet ports are merged together on both sides, they act as an unmanaged transparent switch or transceiver. Furthermore, there is a lot of camera's that have RS control, some newer models actually have control from ethernet so these units are easier to use for that purpose. This is a similar unit but only with one Ethernet port, with HD SD SDI going both directions https://thorbroadcast.com/product/1-bi-directional-hd-sdi-and-10-100-ethernet-rs485-audio-8230.html
These units, the F-M1SDI-TR-ET utilize a multiplexing method called TDM; while less expensive it has limitations up to 1.5Gbps on video and 10/100 on Ethernet. If you need 3G-SDI for Video or Gigabit for ethernet, we need to use this chassis which uses CWDM multiplexing. https://thorbroadcast.com/product/1-8-channel-flexible-hd-sdi-analog-video-audio-rs-data-etherent-8230.html We charge per wavelength on those custom units, so for 2 Video, 1 Gig, and Bidirectional Audio, would be 4 Wavelengths per side. 8 total; If the first option would be okay with HD-SDI, instead of 3G-SDI; the kit with Audio Aux cards. But if we install an external Audio card, the SDI will loose its embedded Audio, it is embedded or external, not both Please let me know if that would work for you and if you need a formal quotation.
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