1 SDI Tx with loop and Rx with 2 output over Fiber

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The F-1MSDI-L-2TX is a mini Fiber Optic Transport unit that is utilizes and extra loop out SDI connector on the transmitter for monitoring and for additional screening. The matching receiver F-1MSDI-L-2RX uses the same technology as the transmitter so you can acutally have 2 SDI outputs on the receiving end of the Fiber. This allows for easy access to redistribute a primary Fiber Cable that needs to be split to two SDI outputs.

It allows you to transmit  HD or SD-SDI as per SMPTE 424M-2006, 292 and 259, with or without embedded audio and data, as well as DVB-ASI over one single mode or multimode fiber. Signals are equalized and re-clocked prior to fiber optic transmission. The  transmitter features a re-clocked and equalized SDI loop through and the receiver features two re-clocked and equalized SDI outputs. You need both the  transmitter F-1MSDI-L-2TX and  receiver F-1MSDI-L-2RX.

The F-1MSDI-L-2TX/RX Series is compliant with SMPTE 297-2006

The F-1MSDI-L-2TX Series is immune to pathological signals over the entire budget link and operating temperature range.

Please Note: Item has ST Connectors  any diferent connector could be ordered as a special order.

Base Model  F-1MSDI-L-2TX/RX support single mode fiber up to 20Km and it has ST/PC connector

  • Signal is equalized and re-clocked prior to fiber optic transmission
  • Transmitter features a re-clocked SDI loop through
  • Receiver features two re-clocked SDI outputs
  • 3G SDI model avialable
  • Immunity to pathological patterns over entire link budget and operatingtemperature range
  • Compliant with SMPTE 259M-2006,292-2006,  (424M-2006, 297-2006 Optional- model dependent)
  • Supports transmission of SMPTE305M-2005, 310M-2004, 344M-2000,DVB-ASI
  • Supports both Single Mode and Multimode ( 62.5u & 50u) fiber types
  • Supports HD/SD-SDI inputs with orwithout embedded audio and data
  • 15 dB Optical Link Budget @ 1.5Gbps and 2.97 Gbps for 3G SDI model
  • Wide operating temperature range:-10° C to +50° C
  • Available in Box and Card versions
Model Selection

Additional Model Selection :



XX = Optical connector : ST/PC , FC/PC (same price)
  • F-1MSDI-L-2TX/RX  -XX-YY
 YY = Fiber optic distance 40,60,80,100,120Km (add $)
ZZ = (MM) Multi-mode, (SM) Single-mode (same price)

         F-1MSDI-L-3G-2TX-TxRx ($995)

3G SDI supported up to 3Gbps (add $)
  • Serial Video BNC Input
  • Number of Inputs 1
  • Data Rate Range 19.4 Mbps to 2.97 Gbps
  • Supported Standards: SMPTE 259M, 292, 297-2006,
  • 424M-2006, 305M, 310M, 344M,
  • Re-clocked Data Rates: 270 Mbps (SMPTE 259M, DVB-ASI-270),
  • 1.485 Gbps (SMPTE 292),
  • 2.97 Gbps (SMPTE 494M -3G model only )
  • Equalization: Automatic up to 100m of Belden1694A at 3.0 Gbps, 200m at1.485 Gbps and 350m at 270 Mbps
  • Return Loss >10dB up to 2.97 Gbps?????
  • Serial Video BNC Loop-Through Output
  • Number of Loop-Throughs 1
  • Signal Level 800mV ± 10%
  • DC Offset 0V ± 0.5V
  • Rise/Fall Time < 135 ps at 2.97 Gbps per SMPTE 424M - 3G SDI model only ;
  • < 270 ps at 1.485 Gbps per SMPTE 292;
  • 0.4 ns to 1.5 ns at 270 Mbps
  • per SMPTE 259M
  • Overshoot < 10% of amplitude
  • Timing Jitter < 0.2 UI at 270 Mbps; < 1.0 UI at
  • 1.485 Gbps; < 2.0 UI at 2.97 Gbps
  • with color bar signal
  • Alignment Jitter < 0.2 UI at 270 Mbps; < 0.2 UI at1.485 Gbps; < 0.3 UI at 2.97 Gbpswith color bar signal
  • Re-clocking At 270 Mbps, 1.485 Gbps & 2.97 Gbps
  • Optical Output
  • SMPTE 297-2006
  • Connector ST/PC  (special order SC/PC or FC/PC)
  • Wavelength 1310nm (nominal)
  • Emmiter Type FP Laser
  • Output Power (nominal)

*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice


  • HD-SDI Input


0 - 1.5 Gbps Serial Digital Signal

  • Number of Input

 1 SDI
 1 RS-485


  • Signal Level
> 380mVp-p
  • Impedance
  • Connector
  • Distance
20Km (40, 60, 100Km Available )
  • Mini box
  • Power Supply
 130 - 260 VAC @ 50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption
  • Temperature
 0 to +70 Degree
  • Humidity
0 to 95%
  • Connector
ST/PC or  ( FC/PC or SC/PC or SC/APC optional)
  • Optical Channels
1310nm type 
  • RH
  • LED Status Indic
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