16 HDMI to Analog Agile CATV RF Modulator - NTSC PAL SECAM

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This a terrific solution for taking in up to 16 HD HDMI signals from any source and modulate them into any agile analog channels. Simple and easy way to distribute high definition signals to legacy TV distribution systems. Comes equipped with a pre-programmed channel list and its ability to setup any of those channels anywhere in the spectrum, operators can set up the modulator quickly and efficiently.

This is particularly a unique modulator because most Analog Modulators on the market require CVBS input, in most cases the HDMI sources would need to be converted externally to CVBS.
Our device is doing it for you so you could use any SD/HD HDMI source, which then converts it internally to baseband video then modulates it to the Analog channels of your choosing.
This modulator is HDCP compliant and works with any HDMI sources and also comes with a network port for NMS, ethernet connection allows for remote access and management system.


  • Converts 16 independent HD/SD HDMI video and audio signals to analog NTSC or PAL / SECAM channels
  • Rack-mountable 1RU for easy insertion into any headend
  • High picture quality thanks to the 16 HDMI inputs
  • Internal fans - self-cooling system for long life span
  • HDMI is HDCP compliant 
  • High power +50dBmv
  • 16 Agile channels ouput
  • NMS network GUI for management via RJ45 port
Model Selection

H-16HDMI-RF-AMOD  - 16 HDMI Inputs - 16 Analog RF Out (NTSC)

H-16HDMI-RF-AMOD-PAL  - 16 HDMI Inputs - 16 Analog RF Out (PAL)


Similar model but with HDMI inputs:

H-16RCA-RF-AMOD - 16ch RCA CVBS Analog Baseband Video / Audio to 16 CATV RF NTSC  Agile modulator

H-16RCA-RF-AMOD-PAL - 16ch RCA CVBS Analog Baseband Video / Audio to 16 CATV RF PAL  Agile modulator




Input Connector


HDMI x 16

Front Panel Buttons and LCD and NMS IP - 10/100 Ethernet, DefaultIP


Input Resolution

1920*1080_60P; 1920*1080_50P; 1920*1080_60i;

1920*1080_50i; 1280*720_60P; 1280*720_50P



Output Connector

F-Female @ 75ohms

Output Frequency

45 ~ 870 MHz

Output Level

110 dBμV   = (+50dBmV )

Adjust Range

0 ~ 20dB

Output-band Rejection



Power Supply

AC 90 ~ 264V @ 47~63Hz

Power Consumption


Cooling Fans



48.4*32.9*4.44 (CM)

Shipping Weight

6.5 KG

Carton Size

55*39*13 (CM)

Question and Answers

This is a 16-channel analog NTSC, not digital HD QAM, modulator.
The answer is yes if the TV supports an analog NTSC modulated signal;
they usually do 99% of the time.
It will display a 4:3 image on a 16:9 screen, so the sides of the
screen will be black.
 If you need a digital full HD 16:9 modulator, please check out this
8-channel HDMI Thunder-8 unit.


User's Manual is avalible only for logged users.
User's Manual is avalible only for logged users.
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