8 HD-TVI Video to Fiber Transmitter / Receiver

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8 TVI model description
8 HD-TVI Video to Fiber Transmitter / Receiver ( no return data)

H-8HD-TVI-TX/RX - 8 Channel HD-TVI over Optical Fiber Transmitter and Receiver Set

While many current video deployments are using newer digital transmission systems; legacy analog systems are still relevant and less expensive than their more current counterparts. Thor Fiber now has a full line of less expensive, commercial-grade Video Over Fiber systems in easy-to-use kits. Electronic and optical adjustments are never required with these automated plug-and-play units. LED indicators are provided for instant monitoring of the system status. Devices are available for either standalone or rack-mount installation, which is suitable for different working environments. Compatible with AHD-H, AHD-M, AHD-L / HD-TVI 720P & 1080P / HD-CVI 720P & 1080P. The optical module and core circuit are high-quality commercial-level components that have unparalleled stability, and all-optical & electrical interfaces match or exceed international standards.

The H-8HD-TVI-1D-TX/RX sens 8 TVI from TX to RX and 1 RS485 control data from RX  to TX over one fiber

  • Video Channel: Eight independent  unidirectional channels  

  • 8 x HD-TVI or AHD-H or AHD-M or AHD-L or HD-TVI 720P & 1080Por HD-CVI 720P & 1080P

  • Data Formats: 1-ch reverse RS485,  ( RS422/RS232 -optional )

  • Transmission Distance: 20km

  • Fiber Type: Single-mode Simplex

  • CRAFT: Uncompressed technology VIDEO SPEC: 1080P

  • Supports HDTV highest resolution 1080P

  • 10-bit digital video encoding and uncompressed transmission technology

  • High quality commercial grade

  • System status, power and other parameters are monitored via LED indicator lights

  • Compact size

  • Excellent cost performance

  • SMT Surface Mount Technology

  • Stand-alone or rack-mount

  • Lower power consumption

  • Plug and play convenience and simplicity

Model Selection

F-8HD-TVI-TX/RX -  8 Channel TVI over 1 fiber transmitter  receiver kit

F-8HD-TVI-1D-TX/RX 8 Channel TVI  Forward + 1 RS485  Return Data over 1 fiber transmitter  receiver kit

F-8HD-TVI-TX 8 TVI video fiber optic transmitter (NO REVERSE DATA)  Unit sends the video only in one direction and can be used as a TVI security Fiber Break
F-8HD-TVI-RX 8 TVI video receiver (NO REVERSE DATA) Unit sends the video only in one direction and can be used as a TVI security Fiber Break
F-8HD-TVI-TX/RX Can send the video only in one direction and can be used as a TVI security Fiber break for highly secure places, no information can be transmitted back from the receiver to the transmitter.
Our company specializes in Optical transport equipment and optical " Fiber Break"; optical signal transport equipment for CATV RF, Baseband video, ASI, and other unidirectional signals.
8 channel TVI Transmitter would be equipped with the Fiber Optic Laser, to convert electrical TV signal into modulated light pulses on 1310nm
The receiver will be not equipped with an optical detector to prevent any optical signal from being detected and decoded.
The transmitter has 8 TV electrical inputs, the unit encodes, muxes it as one digital steam and converts this stream to light stream using the laser, no other signals can be injected or received
The 8-channel TV receiver will be equipped with a Fiber optic receiver module to receive and convert the modulated light to the electrical stream signal.
The Receiver will demux it and decode this signal to the original TVI video outputs.
OIt doesn't have a fiber optic laser and it can not encode and transmit any signals back to the Transmitter
It has 8 TVI BNC outputs only.
In conclusion, the F-8HD-TVI-TX/RX 8 TVI Transports 8 TVI signals in one direction from the transmitter to the receiver, the transmitter and receiver is acting as an optical isolator because there is no physical possibility to send any electrical or optical signal from the receiver to the transmitter side.


Optical Fiber Type Single mode fiber

Fiber Connector


20km (0km~80km)optional

2000 feet multimode

Wavelength Transmitter
T1310nm, R1550nm.
HDTVI(Transmitting) Input Level >500mVp-p
Desc 1080p:75-=5

coaxial cable, 300m

720p/1080p :75-5coaxial cable,500m

Input/Output Impedance 75 Ω
Physical Interface 8 x BNC


Output Level


Input/Output Impedance


Physical Interface

8 x BNC

Data Transmission Media

Coaxial cable

Baud Rate


Operation Mode




Mean time between failures(MTBF) >100 000 hours
General EPS DC 5V
Power Consumtion

≤ 5W

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