8 Professional High Quality 3-PIN XLR Audio over fiber extender

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The F-8XLR-HiFi-TX/RX is the HIFI professional Multichannel audio over fiber optical transceiver with 3-PIN XLR interface, performs high-quality 1~8 Channel HIFI audio transmission over an optical line. Fiber Optic Transmitter High Quality audio signals are converted to digital signals and then converted to optical signals for transmission. Fiber Optic Receiver does the photoelectric conversion from modulated light signal to the Analog XLR signal to transfer over fiber. 
Our Balanced Audio to Fiber Optic Converter/Extender is used for professional and extremely high-quality audio transmission over the fiber with such a low signal to noice ratio that you'll be blown away by the sound you get from analog sources.

  • Compact design with 1U height, 19 inch, which can be installed on standard rack
  • Optical interface
    • Supports optical signal loss indication
    • ST/PC
  • XLR interface for Audio
    • The optical transmitter provides up to 8 XLR interfaces for balanced audio input
    • The optical receiver provides up to 8 XLR interfaces for balanced audio output
    • 24 bit quantized accuracy, 192K sampling frequency
    • SNR is better than 98dB
    • THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) <0.03%
  • Provides AC110~220V dual power redundancy


  • Applications include:
    • Concerts
    • Churches,
    • Sport events
    • links from studio to the transmitter (STL)
    • studio to studio
    • studio to CATV head–end
    • common carrier,
    • RBOC Telco circuits,
    • Distance learning,
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • back–haul feeds from special events.


Interfaces on Panel





Optical interface, uni-directional, ST/PC connector


XLR interface input/output for Audio


Support AC110~220V power supply.

Power switch

ON: power on;

OFF: power off

AC110~220V AC

AC power input. 100VAC~230VAC


Indicators on Panel





Power1/Power2 indicators, GREEN

ON: the power works normally

OFF: the power is abnormal or absence.



Optical port status indicator. GREEN

ON: Optical port works normally

OFF: Optical port works abnormally



Optical received status indicator. RED/GREEN/YELLOW.

RED ON: Optical signal loss is detected at the port.

GREEN ON: Receive a normal signal.

GREEN OFF: Optical port works abnormally

YELLOW ON/BLINK: Blink for bit error occurring event, and on for serious bit error.


XLR audio channel status indicator, RED/GREEN.

OFF: NO signal input or the Vp-p of an input signal is below 0.2Vp-p

ON: Input/output normal.

GREEN BLINK: the Vp-p of an input signal is between 0.2Vp-p and 5.6VP-P, and the THD is less than 0.03%.

RED ON: the Vp-p of an input signal at the transmitter reaches to 5.6V, the signal chopped will occur.


Technical Specification


Optical Interface






0-20Km (singlemode fiber) 2000ft (multimode fiber)

Receiving sensitivity


Overload optical power


Output optical power





XLR Interface




The maximum differential input level


The maximum differential output level


Power consumption

6W for both Transmitting and receiving

frequency bandwidth


Adjacent Channel Isolation

>94dB@1KHz (1.228Vrms)


Input impedance: 200KΩ,

output impedance: 600Ω

Receiving sensitivity



>98dB@1KHz (1.228Vrms)

THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)



Power Supply


Power supply

AC110~AC220 (50HZ~60HZ)

input voltage range

100~230V AC

Environment Requirements

Working temperature


Relative Humidity

≤95°C, no condensation

Storage temperature


Mechanical Dimension




1. The default transmission distance is 20km. Please declare when ordering if longer distance is required for 40, 60, 80km.

2. In order to prevent damaging the optical modules, an attenuator(10dB in general) must be inserted into the short fiber tail that sometimes used to connects the two devices for test purposes.

Question and Answers
The extender can work on both singlemode and multimode. However you are very limited on the distance of multimode usually to a few thousand feet whereas the same unit will work usually up to 20km on singlemode fiber. So its not the hardware, its the fiber the creates the distance limitation.
Those units are rated to go a few thousand feet, usually we say about 2000ft; but realistically we can do about 3000ft. 
Multimode has a very wide core and the signal disintegrates quite quickly. 
If those junctions don't eat a lot of power they should work fine. 
Standard connectors are ST. Standard DC 5V power supplies come with the units, for wall outlets. 
For singlemode we can do up to 80km; sometimes further because of the way the signal travels down singlemode, we can use slightly more powerful lasers. 
The difference with multimode is that regardless of the power of the laser, the signal reverberates quite significantly down the pipe too much. 
Same exact unit with absolutely no changes in hardware can do 20km on SM and only 2000ft approx om MM. 
So this basically tells you the scale of how much worse MM is versus SM. 
Again, since this is just audio, the engineers here say the signal should make it, we downplay the distance a little bit to ensure it will work for 99% of the applications. 
Is there any chance you can do an optical reading on the line to see how much loss is created from those junction boxes? We can calculate against those numbers. 
The other option is to just install and see if it works, we have a 30 day money back guarantee so you can try to install without the worry of not being able to return. 
Sound waves do tend to traverse through these pipes a bit easier then lets say HD video programs, so you're probably in the clear. 
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