8 SD/HD-SDI + 10/100 Etheren + Analog Audio and RS Data over Multimode fiber Bidirectional Transmission Kit

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8 Ch HD-SDI Fiber +10/100 Etherent  Kit with Dual Aux

Extend HD-SDI or SD-SDI and Network 10/100 Etherent and RS Data /Analog Audio over single singlemode or multimode fiber

Transport up to eight full rate HD-SDI digital video signals at 1.5Gbps each and 10/100 Etherent Full-Duplex over a single strand of fiber cable up to 20/40 or 80km long.  In addition dual Aux ports provide additional capacity by adding up to 4 analog bi-directional audio, 2 full duplex RS-232/422 links, or 4 contact closure lines per Aux interface.  The transmitter inputs support any serial digital signal up to HD-SDI, including SD-SDI or DVB-ASI digital video signals.  The F-M8SDI-ET platform delivers more functionality and performance over a single fiber than has ever been available in off the shelf equipment.  

Each of the 8 HD-SDI signals are fully isolated from each other and operate at a full 1.5 Gbps data rate.  Each channel carries its own embedded audio and ancillary data and operates as if it were the only signal on the fiber.  This is accomplished with CWDM technology. 

The 8 channel platform offers the same 5 pin Aux port custom signal options as the two and four channel units.  However functionality is doubled by providing 2 independent Aux links that can be customized for 4 channel bi-directional or unidirectional audio, 1 or 2 duplex RS-232/422 links, or 4 line contact closure.

  • Supports 8 Full HD-SDI @ 1.5Gbps or lower SDI or ASI digital video (ASI -specific models only)
  • Thansport 10/100 Etherent full duplex at the same time so it works as an etherent fiber optic tranceiver-extender
  • Transports embedded audio channels as well as SDI ancillary data
  • Return path serial RS-485 channel for controlling equipment on Tx end
  • Link alarm indicators on both Tx & Rx indicate a problem with the fiber
  • Auxiliary port can be : Bi-directional RS422 or RS232 or Exterenal 2 Audio’s  or External 8 Forward Audio or contact closure
Model Selection

Base Model F-M8SDI-ET -TX/RX  support single mode fiber up to 20Km and it has ST/PC connector

Additional Model Selection :


F-8MSDI-ET-TX/RX-XX XX = Optical connector : SC/PC , FC/PC (same price)
F-8MSDI-ET-TX/RX-XX-YY  YY = Fiber optic distance 40,60,80,100,120Km (add $)
F-8MSDI-ET-TX/RX-XX-YY-ZZ ZZ = (MM) Multi-mode, (SM) Single-mode (same price)


3G SDI supprted up to 3Gbps (add $)

 Addition Avialable  Cards :(External Analog Audio,  RS422, RS232) (add $)

  • 4 forward contact closure+Embedded audio  
  • 2 backward contact closure+Embedded audio
  • 1 bidirectional RS422+Embedded audio
  • 2 bidirectional RS232+Embedded audio
  • 2 external bidirectional audio
  • 8 external forward audio
  • 4 external backward audio

*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice

  • HD-SDI Input

HD-SDI, SD-SDI, or DVB-ASI (ASI only for specific model-please call)

0 - 1.5 Gbps Serial Digital Signal

  • Number of Input

 8 SDI
 1 RS-485
 2 Auxiliary (choice of External Audio /RS422/RS232/

1 10/100Etherent Fullduplex (RJ45 connector)

  • Signal Level

> 380mVp-p

  • Impedance


  • Connector


  • Distance

20Km  (40, 60, 80, 100Km - specific models only)

  • Mini box


  • Power Supply

 130 - 260 VAC @ 50-60 Hz

  • Power Consumption


  • Temperature

 0 to +70 Degree

  • Humidity

0 to 95%

  • Connector

 ST/PC  or  ( SC/PC  or FC/PC or LC PC or SC/APC or ST/APC or LC/APC) by request

  • Optical Channels

TDM or CWDM type 

  • RH


  • LED Status Indicator Lights
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