Multi Input HD Encoder - ASI and IP Output

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H-HDSDI-H264-E  HD Hardware Video Encoder


High level H.264 program encoding for systems not requiring CC or AC/3


The H-HDSDI-H264-E is a high quality streaming hardware HD H.264 encoder for digital video broadcast. This live video H.264 Hardware Encoder utilizes advanced MPEG-4 AVC encoding to perform real-time livestream transmission of TV at low bit rates over DVB and broadband IP networks. Featuring encoding bassed on the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC algorithm, the H-HDSDI-H264-E is capable of transporting high quality video at less than half the bit rate of encoders using older standards such as MPEG-2/H.264. The H-HDSDI-H264-E has several analog and digital video interfaces (CVBS, YPbPr, HD-SDI / SD-SDI, and HDMI) as well as several audio interfaces (RCA, XLR, HDMI, AES and EUB). The unit provides a network interface for transport over IP based networks as well as DVB-ASI outputs for a QAM modulator. The H-HDSDI-H264-E encoder is simple to integrate and has a cost effective design that gives users an excellent digital video encoding solution. Our units are widely used in broadcast television systems, terrestrial digital TV, and in image monitoring applications. H-HDSDI-H264-E is a best streaming encoder. This system works with the Thor Broadcast / HD Encoder / Decoder Test software.





•  H.264/AVC High Profile Level 4.0 and H.264/AVC High Profile Level 3.0 encoding support
•  Advanced video pre-processing algorithms
•  MPEG1 Audio Layer 2
•  CVBS, S-Video, YPbPr analog video input support
•  HDMI, HD/SD-SDI digital video input support
•  AES/EBU, HDMI, HD/SD-SDI digital audio input support
•  XLR (balance), RCA (unbalance) analog audio input support
•  UDP media transmission protocols & unicast/multicast output support
•  PAL, NTSC SD video format support
•  720P, 1080I HD video format support
•  LCD / keyboard operating
•  NMS support








Product Specifications  
*All Specifiactions Subject to Change Without Notice
Video Input 1 × Analog CVBS, BNC interface
1 ×S-Video Analog YPbPr input, BNC interface
1 × YPbPr video input, BNC interface
1 x HD/SD-SDI, BNC interface
1x  HDMI interface
Audio Input Analog stereo audio(balanced), XLR interface
Analog stereo audio(unbalanced), BNC interface
AES / EBU digital audio, XLR interface
HD/SD-SDI embedded audio
Video Resolution

1920x1080_60p, 1920x1080_50p
1920×1080_60i, 1920×1080_50i,
1280×720_60p, 1280×720_50p
20×480_60i(NTSC), 720×576_50i(PAL)

Encoding AVC/H.264 High Profile Level 4.0 for HD
AVC/H.264 High Profile Level 3.0 for SD
Bit-Rate 0.8Mbps~20Mbps
Rate Control CBR/VBR
GOP Structure BBP
Advanced Pre-Treatment De-interlacing, noise reduction, sharpening
Audio Encoding MPEG-1 Layer 2
Sampling Rate 48KHz
Resolution 24-bit
Bit-Rate 64Kb/s~384Kb/s
Stream Output 2×ASI outputs, BNC interface
SPTS over UDP,
10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
UDP - Unicast  / multicast 
System Function LCD/keyboard operating, NMS support
Ethernet software upgrade
General Dimensions (W × D × H) 482mm×455mm×44.5mm
Approx Weight 4.5Kg
Temperature Range 0~45?(Operation), -20~80?(Storage)
Power Requirements AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz
AC 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Power Consumption 17.6W
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