Contact Closure over Fiber 2,4,8,16 one way or bidirectional

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4 CC Bi-Directional model description
4 Relay Bi-Directional Contact closure over fiber in one direction

Thor Contact Closure Fiber Optic Converters -  Transmitter and Receiver kits that  allow you to send electrical signals over fiber optic cable.

This works exactly like a relay - electrical on/off switch than can be controlled from the transmitter to the receiver or in both directions, for example if we will close or short 2 pins on the TX side it will close it on the receiving side which allows the current to flow, so you can turn off or turn on any device remotly over fiber.

The base unit works for 20Km over single-mode fiber or 3000 feet  of multimode fiber - ST/PC fiber connectors

They are typically used in applications with Access Control System, Alarm Event Triggering, Building Automation, and Environmental Control Systems, Fire & Alarm Systems, PIR signal Transmission, Traffic Signal Control Equipment, etc, and are available for stand-alone or rack-mount installations. ST/PC is standard; please call or ask your representative about SC or FC optical connectors, we can supply optical converion cables.

Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the system operating status.


The base unit works for 20Km over single mode fiber or 3000 feet  of multimode fiber - ST/PC fiber connector

• Point-to-Point or Daisy-Chain connection

• Dry Contact Closure over one fiber

• Normally Open ON/OFF switch over fiber

• Multimode Fiber Supported for Distances up to 3000ft

• Single-Mode Fiber Support for Distances up to 20 km based model, other distances available for long haul (model dependent)

• LED Status Provides Real-Time Indication of Operating Parameters

• No EMI or RFI and no ground loops

• Stand-alone or (Rackmount - Model Dependent)

Model Selection

The base unit works for 20Km over single-mode fiber or 3000 feet  of multimode fiber - ST/PC fiber connector


F-2CC-TX/RX  2 Contact closures  over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

F-4CC-TX/RX  4 Contact closures  over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

F-8CC-TX/RX  8 Contact closures  over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

F-16CC-TX/RX  16 Contact closures or TTL over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

F-2CC-B-TX/RX  2 Contact closures  over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

F-4CC-B-TX/RX  4 Contact closures  over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

F-8CC-B-TX/RX  8 Contact closures  over fiber transmitter/receiver kit 20Km

Other configurations :


XX- Number of contact closure channels  2, 4, 8, 16, 32

YY- Distance in Km 40, 80, 100,


Electrical & Mechanical

Contact Rating:

Output relay maximum switching voltage

The maximum switching current of the output relay

Mechanical durability of the output relay

The maximum output power of the relay

Input Power Requirements:

1A 120VAC, 1A 220AVC/30VDC, 3 A120VAC, 2 A120VAC, 5A 120VAC



100,000,000 times


DC 5V@2A

Power Adapter:

AC 90V~240V

Power Consumption:

< 3W

Stand-Alone Dimensions:

104mm × 104mm × 28mm ( 1, 2, 4 channel ) (1Bi, 2Bi Channel)

114mm × 116mm × 28mm (8 and 16 channel)

114mm x 167mm x 28mm (4Bi, 8Bi channel)

445mm x 220mm x 44.5mm (32, 16Bi channel)

445 x 220mm x 89mm (64, 32Bi channel) 

445mm x 220mm x 178mm (64Bi Channel)

Shipping Weight:

(includes Transmitter & Receiver ) 0.8kg or 1.5kg


Operating Temperature:

-20°C ~ +75°C

Storage Temperature:

-20°C ~ +75°C

Storage Temperature:

-40°C ~ +85°C

Relative Humidity:

0% ~ 95% (non-condensing)


>100,000 hours



  • The Optical Power Budget data fits Mulit-mode(62.5/125 μm), Single-Mode(9/125 μm).
  • When using 50/125 μm multimode fiber, subtract 3 dB from the optical power budget.
  • Optical transmission distance is limited to optical loss of the fiber and any additional loss introduced by connectors, splices and patch panels.
  • Maximum transmission distance is also limited by fiber bandwidth.
  • Power adapter is manufactured by third party and is supplied with fitted screw-terminal output cables.Power adapter included (for standalone) US, European, UK or Australian power plug.
  • Please feel free to consult Thor Fiber for any special requirement and customization
  • Due to continuous improvement, all fiber optic transmission systems and video over fiber product specifications are subject to change without further notice.
Question and Answers

Our contact closure fiber devices have inputs and outputs that are
isolated as separate solid-state relays, which means that they do not
share a common ground or circuit.
This isolation is achieved through the use of solid-state relays,
which are electronic switches that use semiconductor components to
isolate the input and output circuits.
This isolation helps prevent interference and noise from affecting the
signals transmitted through the fiber devices.

 Yes, the price includes both ends and power supplies.


Unfortunately, the CC unit will not support 20A load, it can handle only about 0.8A.

But, I would suggest 2 step solution, we can supply external ON/OFF Switch controlled by fiber optic contact closure






  • UL Listed Power Switch
  • 12 Amps Switching 120 VAC
  • 10 Amps Switching 240 VAC
  • Contact Closure Input
  • Positive Feedback Output
  • Screw Terminal I/O connections
  • Default Power ON Model
  • Default Power OFF Model


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