Mini SD/HD/3G-SDI Pattern Generator

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The H-SDI-PG is a portable SD/HD/3G-SDI pattern generator.

Thor Fiber has an elite line of SDI over Fiber products; to make the use of testing these devices easier we have developed the SDI PG, SDI Signal Pattern Generator. This quick and simple device allows you to send color bars, a moving circle, and an audio tone over the SDI Tx Rx to the end location to view over a monitor for an ease use system to check if the fiber-line and SDI gear is ready to use. 


SDI format indicator led, green/yellow

Green indicates NTSC, yellow indicates PAL


Interfaces on the Panel




SD/HD/3G-SDI signal output


DC12V power supply input


PAL/NTSC switch button, switch on every push

Format Switch

SDI format switch button, switch on every push


[email protected]>

[email protected]>

[email protected]>

[email protected]>

[email protected], push again and switch back to [email protected]

For PAL:

[email protected]>

[email protected]>

[email protected]>

[email protected]>

[email protected], push again and switch back to [email protected]

  • Supports 2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s color bar pattern with moving circle and embedded 1 KHz audio.
  • Compliant with SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard, supports 2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s
  • Supports NTSC and PAL, which can be switched by button on the front panel
  • Supports the most popular SDI format, which can be switched by button on the front panel
  • Supports [email protected]/29.97, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] format of NTSC
  • Supports [email protected]/30, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] format of PAL
  • Supports embedded 8 channel audio signal of 1 KHz sine wave
  • Supports NTSC/PAL and SDI format indicator led on the front panel
  • 12V DC power supply, consumption: 1.5W±10%
  • Dimensions: 93.2mmx46.2mmx29.6mm
  • Connector


  • Bit rate

2970Mb/s, 1485Mb/s and 270Mb/s

  • Impedance


  • Return loss


  • Output level


  • Rise and fall time 3G-SDI 


  • Rise and fall time HD-SDI


  • Rise and fall time SD-SDI 


  • SD-SDI Alignment jitter (1KHz)


  • SD-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz)


  • HD-SDI Alignment jitter (100KHz)


  • HD-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz)


  • 3G-SDI Alignment jitter (100KHz)


  • 3G-SDI Timing jitter (10Hz)


  • Standard

Compliant with SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI 

  • Wave

1 KHz sine wave

  • Quantization grade

24 bits

  • Sample frequency


  • Dimension


Question and Answers
The good news is they have a full color bar with a small square/rectangle that moves about the screen to recognize if the video is moving or frozen. That should answer your first question. The second part unforunately we found after removing the power, goes back to default at 1080i/59.94
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