1550nm Externaly Modulated CATV RF Transmitter - Analog or QAM or ATSC CATV RF Over Fiber

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The Thor Fiber Externally Modulated Optical Transmitter uses a high-power, low noise, narrow linewidth, continuous broadcast, and a DFB laser. It provides 4~10 way high linearity optical power output. It can connect 4~10 units high-power FTTB EDFA  As this product comes standard without an EDFA, each optical port can output up to: CNR≥53.5dB, CTB≥-65dB, CTB≤-65dB. Furthermore you can easily communicate with this device using the RS232 communication interface with SNMP, plus it comes standard with a 1+1 power supply + hot-pluggable back up which helps avoid power damage. The SBS can reach 13 ~ 19dBm adjustable which is perfect for high-power EDFA applications. The External Modulator does not generate CSO distortion, so it can be used with an EDFA to be used a large coverage area and it's ideal for very-long trunk and local networks. Since Thor Fiber uses the best internal components our Optical Transmitters provide excellent APC, ACC and ATC control, while creating an ideal design that vastly improves ventilation and heat-dissipation so we can ensure a long life expectancy and expceptional reliability of the pump laser.

The LCD is display is utilized in the vast majority of Thor Products which makes it easy to setup the unit quickly and efficiently, moreso to check the status and performance of your Externally Modulatord Transmitter. This unit becomes even more tangible for large scale applications with the addition of EDFA's, which Thor Fiber offer's a wide variety of output power options for, to execute difficult and long haul applications to ensure that we can keep your clients connected to any sort of CATV, Phone, and Internet Triple Play Packages your company may offer. The wideband application for use in projects and industrial sized architectures make this a cost effective unit for any budget. Should you have any questions reach out to a Thor Fiber Design Engineer or Sales Executive to learn more about how we can help take your infrastructure to the next level. 




  • High-power, continuous wave DFB laser, which provides 4 way, 6 way, 8 way, 10 way high linearity standard optical power output, can be linked more FTTP EDFA.
  • Innovation SBS: 13 ~ 19dBm adjustable                                   
  • Telecom class exceptional reliability and network management.                                   
  • System Indicators: CNR≥53.5dB, CTB≥-65dB, CTB≤-65dB ( Without EDFA ).                                   
  • Externally modulated no laser chirp, low dispersion distortion, large extinction ratio, 40 ~ 1000MHz band                       
  • Narrow linewidth(Typ. = 0.65MHz), low noise, DFB continuous wave laser, helps to reduce the dispersion.
  • The operating bandwidth is up to 47~1000MHz.
  • ITU standard wavelength, in the ± 200GHz (± 1.6nm) range can be adjusted.
  • AGC / MGC mode is optional at spot; OMI can be optimized at spot.
  • 1+1 powers supply back, hot-pluggable functionality available.
  • Advanced SNMP network management function, perfect RS232 communicate interface.
  • Casing temperature auto-control.
Model Selection

F-RF-1550-TX-EM-2 1550nm +2dBm output RF Transmitter
F-RF-1550-TX-EM-4  1550nm +4dBm output RF Transmitter
F-RF-1550-TX-EM-8  1550nm +8dBm output RF Transmitter








Optic feature


Operating wavelength (nm) 1548~1563


1528.77~1563.86 ( ITU )


Wavelength ADJ. range

(nm) ±1.6


Wavelength ADJ. mode

  ±0.05nm stepping  

Wavelength stability

(Pm/°C) -1~0



(MHz) Typ.=0.65

FWHM(?λ), (-3dB full width)

Side mode suppression ratio

(dB) ≥45


Equivalent noise intensity

(dB/Hz) ≤-160

RIN ( 20~1000MHz )

Number of output port










Each port output power






Return loss

(dB) ≥50  

Optical fiber connector

  LC / APC  

RF feature


Work bandwidth (MHz) 47-862

Optional 47~1000MHz

Input level K (dBmV) 18~28





(dB) ≤±0.75



862~1000MHz ( Optional )

Return loss

(dB) >16  

Input impedance

(Ω) 75  

RF connector


Link feature


Transmit channel   PAL-D / 60CH PAL-D / 99CH  


(dB) ≥53.5 ≥52.0

Back to back


(dB) ≥52.0 ≥50.0

65Km optical fiber, 0dBm receive


(dB) ≤-65 ≤-65  


(dB) ≤-65 ≤-65  

SBS restrain

(dBm) 13~19


General feature


SNMP network management interface   RJ45  

Communication interface


Power supply

(VAC) 90~265VAC

50 / 60Hz




Power Consume

(W) ≤50

Single power works

Operating temp.

(°C) -5~65

Machine temp. control automatically

Storage temp.

(°C) -40~85  

Relative humidity

(%) 5~95  
Size (W)x(D)x(H)  


19×15.2×1.75 ( " )

483×386×44 ( mm )





19×17.9×1.75 ( " )

483×455×44 ( mm )




Question and Answers
it will take and convert all you CATV RF Analog or Digital channels from 45-1000mhz. This is an RF over Fiber device, to which you can put a coaxial cable into the unit with all programs between 45-870Mhz; this unit will convert the RF signal to Fiber, and then on the receiver side, will convert all the programs from fiber back to Coaxial cable. You will also need a fiber optic receiver as well: https://thorbroadcast.com/product/rf-catv-mini-optical-receiver.html https://thorbroadcast.com/product/catv-rf-fiber-receiver-high-rf-power-rack-8230.html This product does not "tune" channels, this is a device to send CATV over fiber optic cable. What is fiber optic distance? Do you have single mode fiber? Is it point to point or point to the multipoint application? do you want to use it with the optical splitter? Second answer : In your case when you use a 1x4 and then a 1x16 optical splitter you insertion loss is 7.5 + 13.5 = 21db, you would need to use 1550nm 8Mw CATV RF transmitter together with the 24db EDFA amplifier. Depends on the fiber distance after the splitter. This is the link to the transmitter : https://thorbroadcast.com/product/1550nm-rf-over-fiber-tx-45-870-mhz-2-16-mw.html this is the link to the EDFA: https://thorbroadcast.com/product/24-dbm-edfa-optical-amplifier.html One more question, What is the fiber distance after the 1x16 slitter?

Currently, we only have 1550 Transmitters available in 8mW. However, you can pair this with an EDFA (Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifier) for stronger output power, which is the usual practice.

We have two different types of CATV 1550nm TX's available. The first is the external modulated type, which is used for long-distance transmission


Internal modulated transmitted , could be use up to 15Km
Ths is link to the 20db EDFA fiber amplifier
this is the application drawing example r 15510nm :

You would need that 20dB because you are most likely using optical splitters. If your total distance doesn't exceed 15km, you could use an internal modulated TX. However, if the distance is greater, I would recommend using an external modulated TX.

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